Novell Technology

CONET has been partner of Novell since 1990 and currently has Novell’s highest level of certification as Platinum Partner with the addition of “Solution Provider”, being one of only 10 companies in Germany awarded this status.

» Micro Focus GroupWise

Micro Focus GroupWise is an all-in-one collaboration solution with e-mail, calendar and instant messaging functions as well as task, contact and document management and offers high flexibility, availability and comprehensive security.

» Micro Focus Vibe

Micro Focus Vibe, until 2010 marketed as Novell Teaming and later as Novell Vibe, offers a comprehensive solution package for collaboration challenges, which optimally complements existing infrastructures and which can be easily integrated into heterogeneous system environments.

» Novell Filr

Filesharing can be done securely: file access to existing directories and networks with any device and from everywhere thanks to the powerful virtual application Novell Filr for your file management.

» Novell File Reporter

Enterprise networks must store ever more data. As a result they may possibly not only lose track of things, but as well the control over the accesses on the information resources.

» Novell iPrint

With Novell iPrint you print from any device on any printer within your network; simple, fast and secure thanks to a small virtual application for your print management.

» Novell Open Enterprise Server

The Open Enterprise Server combines the functions of leading commercial and open-source-based network technologies. The result of this combination is a comprehensive solution for such diverse areas as business infrastructure, networking and application services.

» Novell Storage Manager

The exponential growth of the data and storage volume as well as the increased legal prerequisites to archiving are the reasons why a manually controlled storage management becomes more and more unmanageable.

» Novell ZENworks

Novell ZENworks is a central management solution that allows trouble-free implementation, easy administration and reliable maintenance of IT resources. It's main components cover tasks such as virtualization, asset management, configuration, endpoint security, access control and patch management.

» Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

Secure and administrate mobile resources with modern device control and guideline administration spanning all mobile end devices – from iOS and Android until Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

» Ordering CONET Quickstart Guides Novell

CONET Quickstart Guides for leading Novell Technologies: Don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on CONET's how-to-guides for some of the most popular Novell products. On a single fold-over cardboard sheet you'll find step-by-step routines for the most common features of Novell Filr, Novell GroupWise and Novell Vibe.

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