About Novell Filr

Filesharing can be done securely: file access to existing directories and networks with any device and from everywhere thanks to the powerful virtual application Novell Filr for your file management.


Sharing files via internet is already common in our private lives. Storing photos or files in Dropbox or other free and public cloud services may be quite useful in the home environment – but in the case of business data it is simply not recommendable: Confidentiality and data security cannot be guaranteed and in most cases there is no data back-up.

Employees, however, expect to be able to use these practical functions of distributed working in their daily work, too. Before these employees take it in their own hands to look for ways and platforms you should offer them an alternative: With Filr Novell offers you a secure and powerful alternative for enterprises and organizations!

Novell Filr does not create a new infrastructure but being a virtualized VMware application it helps for a more efficient use of existing network folders and directories. By taking the existing authorization systems and the connection to Microsoft Active Directory or to NetIQ eDirectory into account, Filr complies with the security-relevant standards.


Advantages for employees / user:

  • Quick data access anytime and anywhere
  • Central knowledge resources are easy to find and to use
  • Parallel and error-reduced working on files
  • Reduction of incoming e-mails
  • Unified display on all stationary and mobile end devices
  • Supports Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and web access


Advantages for IT-management:

  • Usage of the existing infrastructure, like directory services and storage
  • Compliance with the existing security mechanisms
  • Extended authorization management: Files only for internal use, external use with defined users or public sharing
  • Simple implementation as virtual VMware appliance
  • Integrated mobile management
  • Fully suitable for heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Web-based administration

CONET and Novell Filr

CONET’s Novell experts will gladly advise you regarding the scope of applications, benefit potential and possible limitations of Novell Filr with regard to your individual directory, storage and security architectures, IT security mechanisms and IT management.
CONET supports you with the integration and configuration of Novell Filr in your infrastructure, assist you with the design of authorization and access concepts and will help you to establish a central platform for storage, sharing and editing of data and documents if necessary.

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