Cloud Computing Solutions

Virtualize and make your enterprise IT more flexible with CONET. Our cloud computing experts cover the complete range from the design and development of cloud infrastructures, the integration until the provision of cloud services from a single source.

What is Cloud Computing?

When using a cloud, you don´t need your own server. Instead you can place your complete IT infrastructure (e. g. computing & network capacity, data storage or software solutions) on an external server and simply access your IT online at any time and from any place.

Core advantages of cloud computing:

  • Secure access anytime and anywhere independent of the used devices (you only need an internet connection)
  • No maintenance or administration effort or costs
  • Nearly unlimited data storage
  • User licenses can be adapted flexibly

Cloud Computing by CONET

In close cooperation with you, CONET will be glad to work on the answers which truly promote your IT management. If understood correctly, cloud computing concepts can reduce costs, achieve flexibility, increase availability and simultaneously save internal and external resources.

Together with you, we will develop a tailor-made cloud computing strategy and identify those components which are most suitable for the cloud operation with respect to security aspects and compliance. With this coordination of the existing IT infrastructure including already virtualized services and automated processes, CONET lays the ideal foundation for tapping the full potential of the cloud computing.

CONET offers the following three core cloud computing services:

  • Development of cloud infrastructures (public, private, hybrid)

  • Consulting and integration of cloud services

  • Provision of cloud services

In detail these cloud computing services comprise the following scope:

  • Consulting and planning the design of cloud infrastructures (Microsoft, Novell, SUSE OpenStack Cloud, VMware, Citrix)
  • Requirement specification for the design of multi-client-capable cloud data processing centers
  • Automating of data processing center infrastructures
  • Integration of cloud services into the enterprise processes
  • Extension of on-premises solutions by integrated cloud services
  • Interface management between enterprise and cloud service provider
  • Consulting regarding available cloud offers from Microsoft


With our experience in the design of cloud computing concepts based on ITIL®, CONET offers individual solutions for process optimization, a demand-driven supply and an energy-efficient use of IT resources.

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