Managed Services, IT Outsourcing and IT Operational Services

With reliable IT operation services (Operational Services / Managed Services) and professional outsourcing, CONET purposefully rounds up its scope of services with consulting, development and implementation of IT solutions and offers comprehensive IT service from a single source.

Quick Start:

CONET uses the term Managed Services to describe its services relating to complex IT and service landscapes in order to distinguish them from different interpretations of terms such as outsourcing. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), CONET takes on tasks such as the IT infrastructure, application landscape and the further development of IT. We support the establishment of modern IT with consulting, setup and operation.


Managed Services by CONET - Overview

IT operations at the customer site, in the CONET hybrid cloud or in the public cloud as well as IT support for end users and their applications

  • CONET Cloud: geo-redundant German data center network, ISO 27001 based on IT baseline protection, DDoS defense
  • IT operations with dedicated teams
  • IT operations as a shared service according to SLA, IT outsourcing, also in the public cloud (Microsoft, AWS, IONOS)
  • Service and user help desks with up to 24/7 support​


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Managed Services
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Benefits of Managed Services for Your Company

Ensuring and improving IT operations

A managed services provider monitors your IT infrastructure remotely. Thanks to continuous monitoring and regular maintenance, malfunctions and failures can be detected and prevented at an early stage. In addition, the providers themselves have multiple redundancies, which ensures high availability of your IT and thus uninterrupted processes.

The managed services provider is interested in understanding the business processes and can contribute to strategic development. Over time, they will recognize where your IT services can be improved and support you in optimizing architectures and processes for better and future-proof IT.

Modern and efficient services

Service providers have extensive expertise and take care of the provision of modern, high-performance technologies and services. Your company is therefore always at the cutting edge of technology and remains competitive.

Combat skills shortages and create free space for employees

Whether in the cloud or internal and external data centers: successful companies and organizations have long been outsourcing parts of their IT. Not always primarily for cost reasons - but rather to advance strategic tasks with their own specialists. Managed services free in-house specialists from standard tasks. Instead, highly qualified specialists can focus on strategic topics such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0 and profitably contribute their expertise to innovative projects.

CONET Managed IT Services Portfolio

Our long-standing partnerships with leading technology providers ensure vendor-neutral and expert advice and service provision.

  • Complex, heterogeneous system landscapes (Microsoft, AWS)
  • Email and collaboration services (file servers, databases, unified communications, identity & security management, user management, SAP and application management)
  • Virtualization for servers, desktops, applications, storage and data (VMware, , Microsoft, NetApp)
  • Network and communication infrastructures (Sophos, Cisco)
  • Device management (Windows clients, mobile devices)

CONET offers you various solutions to complement your IT operations:

  • Complete operation including operational responsibility
  • Partial outsourcing / out-tasking
  • Remote operation of your IT including your systems
  • Hotline/service desk services for key users or for all users
  • Relocation of servers or services to our CONET Cloud
  • Relocation to the public cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • Operation of these systems in the cloud environments (also hybrid)
  • Managed service of clients, mobile devices, networks, security and databases
  • Operational responsibility under different SLAs
  • Operated operation, 24x7 server
  • Processes clearly structured according to ITIL
  • Trained specialist staff
  • Comprehensive monitoring from A to Z
  • Use of high industry standards and established manufacturers
  • Transition support from experienced project teams and managers
  • Support from service managers and service desk
  • Modern ticket systems with interfaces to your tools
  • Dedicated teams for each situation, also on-site

Why You Should Choose Managed Services by CONET

IT operations and application support are becoming increasingly demanding due to rapid innovation cycles, growing complexity and new requirements for compliance, scalability, availability and security. IT architectures must be continuously maintained, managed, serviced and, if necessary, further developed. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the specialist know-how required to operate all the technologies used and to provide appropriate IT support.

CONET provides you with the all-round carefree package for managed services and reliable and relaxed IT operations! As a service provider, CONET bundles the necessary IT expertise and the corresponding technological equipment in its own ISO 27001-certified and highly available data centers. CONET provides you with all the necessary resources and qualified employees for the secure outsourcing of relevant IT components and IT tasks.

This frees up your employees for strategic tasks. What's more, you only pay for the software and services you actually use, instead of having to keep licenses, hardware and highly paid specialists on hand for any peak loads.

A Question of Trust

On paper, many offers look impressive. Ultimately, however, you need a partner with whom you can trust your valuable IT resources without hesitation. 

CONET can provide you with customized managed services or, if you wish, an all-round carefree package for managed services. In any case, reliable and relaxed IT operations!

Financial IT services and solutions

Because of legal and regulatory requirements as well as steadily increasing demands towards reaction times, availability, proximity and security, financial institutions need highly powerful and reliable IT solutions. CONET is cooperating closely with its customers at international financial markets like Frankfurt/Main to be able to continuously develop, implement and provide the most up-to-date and highly performant services and solutions for the financial sector.

Additonal CONET offers various solutions in the field of Identity and Security Management to make business IT safer across all industries. As a partner we are happy to support you in fields like data security, endpoint security, network security and internet security.

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