About Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory is the name of Microsoft's directory service where all relevant data of users, computers, resources, networks and devices is stored.

Image: Computers connected by wires to a globe at the center

Infrastructure services form the nervous system of any IT architecture. Their error-free functioning and constant availability are thereby critical factors for the dependable performance of day-to-day tasks.

The quality and functional design of infrastructure services are crucial to their successful performance. Special expertise is required here in setup as well as in live operation so that the various applications can do their job. Especially in complex IT environments the foundation for stable and trouble-free functionality is laid here.

The administration of clients, servers and users is made especially easy and convenient for network administrators by this centralized approach.

Active Directory made easy - by CONET

The infrastructure specialists at CONET have extensive experience in the design, consolidation and operation of extensive Active Directory infrastructures.

Active Directory itself as LDAP, along with PKI, data backup and patch management are the main focuses here.

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