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Enterprise networks must store ever more data. As a result they may possibly not only lose track of things, but as well the control over the accesses on the information resources.

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The increasing digitalization of documents and business processes may contribute to the reduction of the mountains of files, however, the amount of stored information is not being reduced at all. On the contrary: more and more data are saved. Legal prerequisites for the business processes’ archiving contribute their share to this true explosion of data volume just like the common requirement to have access to information at anytime and anywhere.

The Novell File Reporter provides you answers to questions like:

  • Does your storage infrastructure really work with an optimum capacity?
  • Who has access to which storage location, directories, folders and data?
  • Which user and user groups have which access rights?
  • Which data are stored in which location – are there „dead files“ or redundant storage?
  • How often are the folders and files opened or edited?
  • Which data should be highly available, which could be archived?


By using the Novell File Reporter you are able to reliably inventory your information treasures, to generate meaningful reports about the storage and the security situation and thus paving the way for further optimization in processes, security and compliance.

The Novell File Reporter takes all your data on all your storage networks within your organization into account if necessary and will for the security reports also inform you about the directory services’ (like NetIQ eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory) inherent information regarding access rights and users.

Novell File Management Suite

The Novell File Management Suite combines the Novell File Reporter as an assessment solution, the Novell Storage Manager as data-governance-tool and the Novell Dynamic File Services as a solution for optimizing the storage infrastructures’ capacity in one comprehensive solution package for homogeneous Novell architectures or heterogeneous system landscapes.

CONET and the Novell File Reporter

CONET’s process and network specialists have extensive expertise in Novell-based and as well in heterogeneous system landscapes. Especially issues like file management systems, information management and access control form the focal points in current projects for private and public sector customers.

We advise you in a result-oriented way with the selection of suitable IT management tools and assist you with the introduction and the operation of suitable solutions.

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