About Novell Storage Manager

The exponential growth of the data and storage volume as well as the increased legal prerequisites to archiving are the reasons why a manually controlled storage management becomes more and more unmanageable.

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A storage management solution is needed which targetedly supports the provision and allocation of storage capacity, the archiving and the observation of compliance and security guidelines through intelligent automation.

The Novell Storage Manager accompanies you throughout the complete life cycle of your individual and group-based storage requirement of your organization. With the extensive automation of standard tasks in the file and storage management the Novell Storage Manager facilitates significant savings and a concentration onto the core tasks of your IT service personnel, thereby extending the functions of directory and access management systems like NetIQ eDirectory or the Microsoft Active Directory with an automated control of standard tasks based upon events, identities and policies:

  • Where and with which data new personal folders or group folders will be created?
  • Who has which access right according to the compliance and security guidelines?
  • Which storage locations and access rights have to be adapted automatically, if the assignment of a user is altered in the central directory?

Storage migration

Especially in extensive storage and network infrastructures, sooner or later it will be necessary to move directories, folders and data onto other storage locations. The Novell Storage Manager offers a simple data migration without interfering with the work in progress of the users by migrating step by step all data currently not in use.

Novell File Management Suite

The Novell File Management Suite combines the Novell File Reporter as an assessment solution, the Novell Storage Manager as data-governance-tool and the Novell Dynamic File Services as a solution for optimizing the storage infrastructures’ capacity in one comprehensive solution package for homogeneous Novell architectures or heterogeneous system landscapes.

CONET and the Novell Storage Manager

CONET’s process and network specialists have profound expertise in Novell-based as well as in heterogeneous system landscapes. Especially issues like file management systems, information management and access control form the focal point in current projects for both private and public sector customers.

We advise your target-oriented with the selection of suitable IT management tools and will support you with the introduction and the operation of your suitable solutions.

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