About Novell iPrint

With Novell iPrint you print from any device on any printer within your network; simple, fast and secure thanks to a small virtual application for your print management.

Digital office

The paperless office remains an ideal which - for the time being - cannot be reached. Everyone prints out documents. And it is being done from ever more different devices within the company network. Often the IT service department must help to set-up different printers or files have to be sent first from mobile devices via E-mail to the permanent workstations in order to be printed.

This cumbersome procedure is obsolete: the current version of iPrint Novell offers a virtual solution for the print management which can trouble-freely and easily used even in heterogeneous environments.

Standard protocol and self services

iPrint uses the standard protocol IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) to establish a webbrowser-based connection between the end device and the available network printers. The selection and set-up of necessary printers on Mac, Windows or Linux workstations is being facilitated without further hardware in a graphic display of all available printers as a self service with a few mouse clicks only.

Print management and controlling

Simultaneously Novell iPrint offers extensive reporting and documentation features for the IT management: finally, questions like „How many pages are printed out where?“ or „Where can we save on printing expenses?“ can be answered reliably. Direct connections to different accounting systems are supported by Novell iPrint. Furthermore, the IT management will completely keep their central control: Novell iPrint keeps to the prevailing rules and does not allow for blocked files to be printed out or inadmissible printers to be used.

Mobile printing

In the field of mobile printing Novell iPrint convices with its comfortable usability as well with its increased security. In contrast to many other mobile print services Novell iPrint does not use cloud services but its own secured sending and conversion functions, thus ensuring that all data remain within their own secured networks on their way to the printer. Novell iPrint supports with its own Apps both Android as well as Apple devices with iOS and the Apple print solution AirPrint.

CONET and Novell iPrint

CONET’s Novell experts will gladly advise you regarding application scope, usage potential and possible limitations of Novell iPrint with respect on your individual network structure, legal and company’s prerequisites or your IT management. If necessary, CONET will assist you with the introduction and configuration of Novell iPrint within your infrastructure.

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