About Novell Open Enterprise Server

The Open Enterprise Server combines the functions of leading commercial and open-source-based network technologies.

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The result of this combination is a comprehensive solution for such diverse areas as business infrastructure, networking and application services.

The firm basis for the development of the current Novell Open Enterprise Server is the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, which is known for both its stability as well as its superior technological capabilities. Novell therefore safeguards high standards for security, efficiency and performance in its server solutions - now and for future product generations.

Simplify the management of heterogeneuos system architectures and reduce the costs for your storage infrastructure. Novell Open Enterprise Server provides you with a diverse range of various network services and tools which help you in increasing not only your systems' efficiency, but also your endusers' productivity. 

Our expertise:

Constantly on the lookout for the best available solutions for our customers' individual requirements, CONET uses proven Novell products and service offers in many different projects and infrastructures.

Especially our many customers in public administration value the extensive functionality of Novell system solutions for supporting distributed organizational structures and fulfilling high security demands.

Current key areas of our technical and consulting expertise are the Open Enterprise Server as solid infrastructure foundation as well as the collaboration solutions GroupWise and Vibe, Novell identity management, eDirectory infrastructures, virtualization and management tools like PlateSpin and the comprehensive platform and system management solution ZENworks.

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