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Employees in organizations of all sorts and sizes communicate with each other as well as with their customers and partners via many different channels. Often numerous different applications and systems are used. As a consequence, not only the maintenance overhead increases significantly, but also the efforts to look for information.

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Collaboration within a Team

The solutions for the various requirements of the information era are Social Collaboration tools, which enhance and accelerate the cooperation of different departments straddling location and organisation boundaries.

Social Collaboration comprises numerous solution approaches and infrastructural issues:

  • Design of consistent collaboration strategies which observe existing infrastructures, map business processes appropriately and address real optimization potentials
  • Purposeful technology selection (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, etc.)
  • Implementation of modern portal solutions, web and app development
  • IT infrastructure consulting, virtual working places and unified communication
  • Web 2.0 strategy and implementation, enterprise mobility

What you should take into account, which technologies are suitable for which environment and operation scenario and compatible to your enterprise culture and your budget? Please contact us! With numerous, successful implementations in the private and public sector we know exactly what knowledge and know how mean!

Social Collaboration in Practice

Globalization and internet seem to let the communication and collaboration barriers, or in other words social collaboration or team collaboration, fall. But this first impression is deceiving, because every one of us knows from our daily working environment:  There are always enough obstacles in the way to obstruct collaboration. Depending on the company certain hierarchy levels, the silo-thinking of employees, distant working locations and insufficient interfaces prevent the efficient collaboration of employees and know how exchange to work successfully on a project together.

In these cases, the social collaboration principle can offer a significant benefit, because networking and team collaboration are not merely an end to themselves, but help to minimize additional and redundant work, accelerate business processes and exploit „dormant“ knowledge troves. All this requires alterations in the fields of technology, enterprise culture and the internal processes and structures.

Social Collaboration With Microsoft SharePoint

As communication and collaboration platform for teams of all kinds, Microsoft SharePoint collaboration is ideal for knowledge exchange and enterprise collaboration. Within a project you can establish your own team room (working space) for a successful teamwork for planning dates, exchanging ideas, providing important documents and inform the project members about the project’s progress at one central place.

Social Collaboration and CONET

Our experts offer:

  • Consulting
  • Training and workshops
  • Development of solution strategies
  • Implementation of the necessary social collaboration tools

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