About Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Server offers you a comprehensive solution package for company-wide information, process management and collaboration, which CONET complements with their own add-on solutions.

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As a central server platform Microsoft SharePoint Server provides a "toolbox" with extensive functions to support critical business processes, collaboration, portal integration, enterprise search, content management, business intelligence, social media.

When it comes to special requirements, though, every standard product has its limits. Not with us, though: On the basis of available components and proven developmental platforms such as .NET, CONET readily takes on current as well as future challenges. 

Successful CONET add-ons include:

  • Flexible personnel planning
  • Individual layout customization
  • Transparent application management
  • News tickers for portals and personalized views
  • Comprehensive Notes integration

An integrated overall system architecture is the basis - individual extensions maximize your success

From proven project solutions new standards thus come into being to help you master individual challenges. Ever more customers are profiting from the experience and results of our developmental work.

We have the solution – just ask!

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