Enterprise Content Management Solutions

The range of possible usage scenarios brought together under the term enterprise content management (ECM) is quite extensive. Common to them all is their core objective: making the knowledge and information assets of organizations, enterprises, networks of people or technical infrastructures - i.e. "content" of any kind - available to all target groups easily, reliably and fast.

Websites, web based applications and portals play an integral part in establishing efficient collaboration and facilitating everyday work in our modern information-centered age. Modern web solutions are mainly characterized by their abilities to structure, manage and distribute information assets, to provide easy-to-use, intuitive user interfaces and to facilitate and accelerate everyday work. With this broad spectrum of benefits they constitute a major component of any professionally designed IT infrastructure.

Making use of the comprehensive functionality of modern enterprise content management solutions means that the users can fully concentrate on their main tasks, instead of wasting much time and effort in the unnecessary search for needed information and data. This will not only strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, but will also boost the value of information work as a whole and increase the satifaction of information workers with their daily tasks considerably.

ECM solutions by CONET make sure that you keep up with today's information challenges:

  • Reliable and secure document management with directory services and archiving solutions
  • Content management, website design, implementation, training and hosting
  • Media asset management for integrating multi-media content
  • Knowledge management for employee, customer and sales interfaces
  • Solutions for e-government and interactive citizen portals and self services

  • Employee portals with collaboration features and employee self services
  • Portal integration of data, applications and processes in order to establish a single, comfortable and thus well accepted working interface across departments and organizations
  • Collaboration tools
  • IBM Notes migration

Project and modular solutions for Enterprise Content Management

"In looking for a suitable content management solution, aspects like preserving existing systems, a fast implementation and keeping time and costs needed for training to a minimum had top priority. After extensive market research, we decided on choosing you@web by CONET, because it fitted our requirements best.“

Peter Schmidt, Manager IT Messaging / Intranet, Cortal Consors

Broad technical basis

CONET Group sets its own ECM standards with the CONET Media Suite, a self-developed web content management system, and the solution modules of OfficeBridge, a powerful tool for quickly creating template-based documents and integrating existing IT architectures into an optimized document management process.

Other key technologies for collaboration include IBM solutions (Notes, Connections und WebSphere Portal), Micro Focus Vibe, opentext, SAP NetWeaver Portal and open source solutions.

On such a broad conceptual and technological basis, CONET is always able to find the suitable tools and platforms for individual ECM challenges and to develop solutions that perfectly complement existing IT infrastructures and process environments.

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