Intelligent Document Creation

Under the name OfficeBridge CONET offers powerful tools for the fast production of template-based documents, connecting existing IT architectures to form an optimized document process. Modern correspondence with a unified corporate design can be generated and pursued without the cost-intensive maintenance. All organizational data are centrally administrated; legal security and compliance are guaranteed.

Picture: CONET OfficeBridge Suite

The extensive, time-consuming and cost-intensive control of the data flow, the filing, the company conformity and the re-organization of documents belongs to the past. The employees can concentrate on their core duties instead of administrative tasks in the output management.

Its use e. g. in a Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure guarantees a complete integration into existing workflows of the document management process and the efficient archiving of all documents created with OfficeBridge.

The connection to a customer relationship management (CRM) for instance ensures that only up-to-date addresses are used for customer correspondence. The meta data, carried along automatically by our intelligent documents, enable the transaction-based allocation not only in a central document center but also the specific linking in CRM, accounting systems like Navision or personal directories for every business transaction.

CONET OfficeBridge Builds a Bridge Between Until now Isolated Systems

  • Documents are always CI compliant and juristically secure
  • All correspondence data are centrally administrated and thus kept up to date
  • The intelliDocuments “remember” their respective data sources and can be updated on demand
  • Print and merge documents can be automatically created and archived
  • Existing workflows remain just the same and the employees continue to work in their usual Microsoft environment
  • OfficeBridge integrates smoothly into the existing infrastructure and saves time and money from the first day on

OfficeBridge project modules by CONET - tailor-made solutions for every user group and every special challenge in output management

Considering the manifold requirements from corporate design to compliance the company-wide generation and editing of Word template quickly becomes a truly herculean task.

With the module OfficeEfficiency, CONET provides an accelerated, simplified and integrated template processing crossing departmental boundaries. Central alterations are immediately effective. Double editing of templates in different departments or units belongs to the past. Thus, OfficeEfficiency provides useful answers to the most urgent template management questions:

Your business is agile, but your templates are static?
OfficeBridge gets your template management moving.

  • Template administration
  • Text block administration

Your customer relationships are individual, but your correspondence is standardized?
OfficeBridge inserts intelligence into your correspondence.

  • intelliDocuments
  • Business logic

Your company is complex, but your information management is limited?
OfficeBridge integrates your data flow into your documents.

  • Input connector for data procurement
  • Output connector for data forwarding

Your Benefits:

  • Template reduction about 60 %
  • Central alterations, immediate updating
  • Redundance-free text blocks
  • Role-based accesses
  • Central business logic
  • Without VB macros


The incompatibility of file formats and types is a major obstacle for the unified creation of documents and effective business processes.

The module OfficeConnect enables a simple and fast creation of unified documents in different business applications. Additionally, OfficeConnect ensures that all relevant information and data in these documents remain available for further editing and filing in other systems, thus answering another urgent question about your document management system:

Your processes are structured, but your workflows stumble over frictional losses at interfaces between different media?
OfficeBridge connects IT worlds for continuous document processes.

  • Connection of standard business applications (CRM, ERP, QM)
  • Connection of individual, customized professional applications
  • intelliDocuments use data flows for integrative processes 

Your Benefits:

  • Unified document creation from expert and business applications
  • Automated allocation/filling of documents with relevant data
  • Flexible processing and distribution of document relevant data
  • Optimized workflows and simplified workflow management
  • Limitless process integration


A continuous control from the creation of documents to the transaction processing is indispensable for an effective and economic output management.

With its module OfficeDocStreamOM, CONET bridges the gaps between independent systems which are usually difficult to overcome. Different output management systems from text processing and editing workflows to mailing tools and print output working alongside each other are a fossil of the past. An integrated document process evolves, which helps you stop worrying about inefficient and faulty manual transfers between systems.

Your output management is elaborate, but your batch processes thwart the cycles?
OfficeBridge provides flexibility and enables interactions in independent systems.

  • Mass output
  • Transaction processing
  • Print and dispatch connection 


Your Benefits:

  • Use many different formats without limitation
  • Interconnect many different output channels without frictional losses due to interfaces between different media
  • Create unified, template-based Word documents without Microsoft Office


Central templates form the basis for the work of all Word users and are an indispensable prerequisite to guarantee a unified design of documents and correspondence of all kinds.

Acceptance or process integration cannot be achieved in practice by severely complex templates or the fact that data from Word or even non-Microsoft applications cannot be integrated into these templates.

The CONET OfficeBridge intelliDocuments offer the solution for both challenges:

  • The document can be filled with data from many different sources.
  • The information can be flexibly adapted to a predefined business logic.
  • Control and meta data will be integrated automatically and forwarded to subsequent processes.
  • The user works without further training in his/her usual Word environment,he/she can edit the document freely and file or process it in many different systems.


Sales departments need professional and legally compliant proposals. Customer and product data, payment terms and delivery addresses are stored in SAP Business ByDesign. Terms and conditions, service or maintenance contracts, however, are usually part of the MS Office environment.

Both information should appear professionally processed in tenders, at its best by the push of a button, easy to edit and faultless and simple to traceable.

Do you want to get maximum support and automation for your proposals preparation?
OfficeBridge will bridge the gap between the figure-dominated world of SAP and the text- and document-oriented MS Office world.

  • Create comfortably flexible tender templates with the OfficeBridge Designer.
  • Import proposal data from SAP Business ByDesign with one single click.
  • Insert text blocks like terms of conditions or contract data wherever you wish.
  • File a PDF version of your proposal by mouse click in SAP Business ByDesign.

Your Benefits:

  • You will save time when preparing proposals.
  • You guarantee legally faultless proposals.
  • You will find all process-relevant data archived in one space!

You will find a brief instruction to prepare a proposal with CONET OfficeBridge and SAP Business ByDesign in German and English language in the downloads area below.



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