Notes-based Web Content Management

Efficient content management is a big challenge for many enterprises: Extensive content has to be created, approved and published easily and fast to stay ahead of your competition.

Image: CONET Media Suite Directors Chair

We are living in the era of the so-called web 2.0 - communication is characterized by multiple interconnections and mainly dominated by the visual multi-channel. The web is getting ever more interactive and integrative, incorporating more and more multi-media contents. Against this backdrop, you want to be able to make your diverse contents a part of your complex website or intranet fast and mostly automated?

Especially in the field of media asset management and the integration of films, spots and webcasts you need a tool that can cope with your increasing demands? For any such challenge in content and media management CONET has developed its own Media Suite with its specialized modules, which have proven their worth in more than 200 implementations so far. Technically, the Media Suite is based on IBM Notes/Domino (fornerly Lotus Notes), thus integrating perfectly with IBM infrastructures but just as well usable with other systems or in hybrid architectures.

Media Suite Modules

Image: Product Package CONET Creator

CREATOR (you@web Content Manager)

The award-winning you@web Content Manager covers the entire life cycle of Web content. Content managers and authors can create content for a Web site in a straightforward way, and do not need to rely on support from the IT department or external agencies. Content management becomes faster and more cost-efficient this way, and the company functions as self-sufficiently as possible with this workflow.

  • Content management for sophisticated and distributed portals, intranet and web
  • Content creation via pre-defined layouts without extensive programming
  • Customizable workflows for editing and approving
  • Efficient content distribution and personalization
  • Advanced target group orientation
Image: Product Package DIRECTOR

DIRECTOR (you@web Knowledge Director)

A lot of the information relevant for a Web site already exists in other applications. The provision of this information in the Web should take place automatically. The DIRECTOR enables the easy integration of business knowledge from different sources, such as Domino databases, RDBMS or file systems, into your Web site. For substantial portions of your Web site content is generated automatically. Redundant work is avoided, inconsistencies are reduced.

  • Single source maintenance
  • Automated creation of content
  • Sorting and fast search and retrieval of needed information
  • Easy control of layout and depiction via centralized templates
Image: Product Package OSCAR

OSCAR (you@web Extended Mediabase)

The world of the Internet speaks Web 2.0: Communication now takes place in visual multichannel; the Web is becoming ever more interactive and ever more multimedia based. OSCAR is the innovative platform from which your online editors can maintain and manage all video content, and place it in the existing Web site structures in the best possible way. The moving images can thereby quickly and easily be combined with other content types (text, still images, audio).

  • Powerful media asset management
  • Innovative and extensive video communications
  • Content maintenance in the same and accustomed editorial interface
  • Implementation of a single workflow from conversion and streaming to indexing and archiving
Image: Product Package CI4ALL

CONET CI4All (you@web Content Integrator)

Many companies operate web sites and intranets. In the course of the advancement of company portals, the question arises as to how current content from the intranet or web site can be conveyed to the new platform. The CI4ALL offers a solution for connecting an available WCMS to different enterprise portal platforms in such a way that existing content management processes take place as usual, while the publishing of content takes place on the enterprise portal platform.

  • Extensive portal integration of external contents
  • Existing editorial processes remain unchanged
  • Publication of contents directly in the portal interface
  • Connection of any existing content management to diverse portal platforms via a highly flexible integration engine

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