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The list of requirements towards the IT and information policies of cities and communities is extensive: Government directives demand efficiency and more transparency and community service.

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The citizens themselves have their own views regarding a functional community, expecting comprehensive services, preferably around the clock and without wasting time with tedious personal visits to different departments of the public administration.

But the current situation in many municipalities is lagging behind these expectations. Agreed, a simple web presence can be counted among the standards that every community and city offers. Many also operate an intranet, i.e. a central working and communication network for their own staff.

Tangible benefits for public service employees, the civil service as a whole and citizens and local industry alike will, however, only manifest when all internal and external applications begin to interact and integrate seamlessly.

CONET: Your Partner Through all Stages of Citizen Portal Implementation:

  • Requirements analyses in regard to content and technology alike
  • Identification of suitable technology
  • Process optimization and design of administrative processes across media and departmental divides
  • Technical implementation on the basis of all major portal technologies (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, SAP NetWeaver Portal, CONET Media Suite)
  • Training, hosting and support

"Our citizen portal features a special section for local industry as well as multiple online services for all inhabitants. Our citizens can now start processes via the Internet themselves, our staff can use their input directly to continue processing the request and both sides are able to follow the process' progress at all times. By achieving this integration, the demands set forth by the EU public servive regulations are no longer a necessary evil but can be actively used to promote process optimization and public service efficiency.“

Peter Niehues, Projekt Manager AixPort regio iT aachen

For the design and implementation of any modern citizen portal solution the motto "think big – start small“ fittingly summarizes the success factors: While the solution should be scalable and flexible enough for future advancements and growth in scope and functionality, even a small, well-designed basic solution can make a valuable starting point.

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