Consulting & IT solutions like the eGov Factory for the public administration

CONET supports the Federal Government, the Federal States, the Municipalities and other public customers in questions of planning and implementation of the processes and IT solutions as required of the E-Government law (EGovG), e. g. by the eGov Factory, a toolkit for the fast implementation of highly performing and compliant E-Government applications.

The E-Government Law

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Even if the implementation of the E-Government law cannot effect an immediate reduction of bureaucracy, it does provide important impulses for a significant reduction of it. The central cornerstones of the E-Government law are:

  • Provision of an access portal for digital documents as a basis for the legally binding digital communication with citizens, enterprises and in-between public authorities
  • Compliance with legal written form requirements e. g. the dispatch via De-Mail
  • Superseding scanning by subsequent destruction of the original paper version
  • Acceptability of digital certificates of other public authorities within uninterrupted (and media-break-free) processes
  • Digital authentication (eID, nPA)
  • Digital file management (E-file), data keeping/retention and data exchange
  • Analysis and optimisation of administrative processes as a basis for the introduction or the further development of a digital process support
  • Media-break-free, integrated and digitally supported processes for the transaction with citizens and enterprises as a continuing advancement of pure information or simple interaction e. g. via forms
  • Digital provision of administrative data also for commercial use (Open Government Data)


As a long-standing partner of the public administration CONET supports the Public Sector with reliable and non-proprietary consulting, efficient IT applications like e. g. the eGov Factory and stable IT infrastructures, which both comply with the legal requirements as well as with the high requirements of the administration as to security, efficiency and availability.

Consulting services for the implementation of the EGovG – from the analysis and specification of professional, organisational and technical requirements until the process consulting and project management

As a partner of the Federal Government, the Federal States, the Municipalities and other public customers of all levels CONET supports the implementation of the complex E-Government requirements with competent and non-proprietary consulting:

  • Analysis of the specific initial situation, deduction of the individual implementation obligations from the EGovG as well as comprehensive support for the development of a masterplan and the definition of the specific tasks and measures
  • Support for the establishment and implementation of an effective Change Management
  • Support of the overall project management, the project planning and the specific project management
  • Status quo-analyses and feasibility studies
  • Support for the specification of professional, organisational and technical requirements
  • Development and further development of professional concepts and migration concepts
  • Process consulting and business process optimisation (Business Process Management)
  • IT security consulting
  • Particular consideration of prevailing standards of the public administration like V-model, SAGA, reference architectures and organisational concepts like the organisational concept digital administrational work

In order to fulfil the requirements of the E-Government Law CONET supports the public authorities with the design and further development of specialised professional applications, web solutions and workflow systems like the eGov Factory.

The digital provision of data, documents and communication and transaction opportunities as well as the digitial files and authentication which have been stipulated by the E-Government-Law require adapted, further developed and partially newly designed application

„As much standard as possible and as much individual software development as necessary“ is CONET’s credo for the development and introduction of IT solutions in the various scopes of applications:

  • Development, integration, adaption and further development of existing professional applications and processing systems
  • Document management and workflow systems (DMS / E-file)   
  • Collaboration, portal solutions, web applications and mobile applications (Apps)
  • Introduction and further development of standard software (SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Novell)
  • Unified Communications, service center, encrypted telephone and conference solutions

The processes and IT solutions as required by the E-Government Law have steep demands to a highly available, secure and efficient IT infrastructure.

CONET supports all levels of the public administration in the design, introduction and the operation of powerful and reliable networks, IT architectures as well as infrastructures for service and support:

  • Design and management of complex, cross-site networks and highly-available IT infrastructure (Citrix, Microsoft, NetApp, Novell, VMware, ...)
  • Operational services in CONET’s own certified data processing centre (managed services, hosting, Software as a Service – SaaS, Platform as a Service – PaaS)
  • On-site support for customer operation and network
  • Support services within a 24/7 helpdesk

CONET’s eGov Factory: Toolkit for the Fast Implementation of Powerful and Compliant E-Government Applications

The eGov Factory provides a structured framework and reliable blueprint for the design and development of E-Government compliant applications. It defines the main structures, comprehensive concepts and design solutions, thus being the guideline for the whole system development.

eGov Factory does not aim at presenting a detailed draft or design. In fact it presents a constructive approach by taking on the requirements to the future software system and describing the way to a ready-to-run system, thus facilitating the development of complex and comprehensive software.

The core of eGov Factory consists of frameworks and modules:

  • The modules are specific, re-usable software artefacts which implement either specialist or strategic functions. They have a defined structure and may be utilised in combination with other modules. The modules are designed to be not too specific as not to induce exaggerated development costs and not too general to re-use them.
  • Frameworks comprise guidelines, Best Practices, requirements for the safeguarding of the software quality and standards and the related products. Java Enterprise Edition 7 (JEE) forms the technological basis for the applications developed with the eGov Factory.

Currently eGov Factory offers the following specialist function modules:


Modules of CONET´s eGov Factory - research, workflows, geodata, office, documents, reports

Modules of CONET´s eGov Factory - research, workflows, geodata, office, documents, reports

Our procedure model for the application development with eGov Factory complements the V-model XT with methods of agile software development. The implementation of professional application scenarios is paramount and depicts the project’s progress. Constant customer and user feedback is a crucial prerequisite for an incremental procedure during which gradually the newly designed application evolves until its final expansion stage.

References & Project Solutions Within the E-Government

CONET’s competent work has been marked on Germany’s E-Government map for exemplary solutions, successful pilot projects and portfolio solutions.

CONET develops solutions according to Best Practices to match the E-Government requirements by active know-how transfer and based upon long-standing technology partnerships and customer relationships:

  • The web application “MeasuresControllingSystem (MCS)“ which CONET has developed for the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) bases upon Microsoft technology and joins business processes like project pipeline, feasibility studies, budget preparation, controlling as well as project management and success monitoring in one integrated financial management. This product has been labelled “exemplary solution” on the IT Planning Council’s E-Government map. 
  • Pilot projects for transaction-oriented administration processes in SAP applications with integrated document management and connections to professional applications, deadline monitoring and secure authentication and signature up till the automated fee calculation, invoicing and payment transactions.
  • At the new web site of the House of Representatives in Berlin presents itself as a modern service and communication platform. Whereas the Internet presence for the public audience is an information and interaction portal in the first place, the Intranet which has been simultaneously redesigned forms the internal information platform for the employees of the Parliament administration. For both platforms CONET utilised its own Web Content Management System “CONET Media Suite”.
  • Within the Three-Partner-Model (3PM) initiated by the German Federal Administrative Office CONET serves as the general contractor for the framework agreement „Consulting regarding technology development, Cloud computing, virtualisation and mobile communication“. More than 80 authorities entitled to request consulting services about IT network infrastructure via the framework agreement with the BVA without the need for elaborate tendering beforehand.
  • As a subcontractor of Bearing Point CONET offers within the framework agreement „Register, directories and data bases“ comprehensive consulting services in the field of modern data and directory structures regarding the way of dealing with huge data amounts (Big Data) and the design, implementation, modernisation, administration and control of database architectures for data backup, indexing and for the data quality management. 


E-Government Portfolio Solution on the Basis of Microsoft SharePoint

This SharePoint-based solution joins document management, collaboration, workflow management and business process optimisation with the help of pre-fabricated modules:

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