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Micro Focus Vibe integrates all the information that is needed for efficient working relationships and makes it available centrally, boosting your internal and external communications and collaboration significantly.

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In economically uncertain times ever greater demands are placed on carrying out tasks effectively. This calls for the proper support as well as a suitable technological platform to allow teams to be able to work together smoothly.

Micro Focus Vibe, until 2010 marketed as Novell Teaming and later as Novell Vibe, offers a comprehensive solution package for this, which optimally complements existing infrastructures and which can be easily integrated into heterogeneous system environments.

From their own workstation users can exchange documents online in real-time, meet team members and find documents, lead discussions or create workflows in just a few simple steps.

Among the functional highlights are:

  • Communications
  • Authoring and publishing content
  • Online discussions
  • Management of business processes


Micro Focus Vibe was originally developed as Teaming by SiteScape and now takes advantage of strong manufacturer support while at the same time being further developed by the open-source community.

As a Premium Micro Focus Partner, CONET offers, along with planning, installation, workshops, training and support, development of special add-on solutions. Customization according to the customer's corporate design, as well as interfaces to other collaboration solutions such as Micro Focus GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, IBM Notes and SAP NetWeaver, round out the CONET service spectrum in the field of Micro Focus Vibe.

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