About Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

Secure and administrate mobile resources with modern device control and guideline administration spanning all mobile end devices – from iOS and Android until Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

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The variety of devices with which the central IT service has to work and to integrate is steadily growing. The reason for this is the increasing mobility in the working world as well as the expectation to being able to access information at any time and any place. The request „Could you please integrate my iPhone quickly into our company network“ quite often produces shrugs, headshakes or concerned frowns.

Also the consumerization and bring your own device (BYOD) does not facilitate the central IT department’s work.

With ZENworks Mobile Management which has been especially designed for these challenges Novell answers the daily administrative questions for all mobile end devices – also private devices.

  • Get yourself a reliable overview about who accesses your company resources with which device!
  • Simplify the set-up of mobile end devices and the automated provision of necessary applications and access data!
  • Integrate private devices into your company network via secure accesses.
  • Ensure that access and editing rights are being handles as strikt for mobile users as it is for local network users.
  • Guarantee compliance and IT security and document it with meaningful and reliable reports.
  • Establish your own company App-store

CONET and Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

CONET’s own cross-departmental and cross-technological team of experts addresses targetedly the chances and challenges of mobile working.

The CONET process and network specialists employ their profound and extensive expertise in Novell-based and in heterogeous system landscapes to develop value-adding and innovative solutions for collaboration, identity & security and the IT management.

We advise you in a result-driven approach with the selection of suitable technologies and tools and will assist you with the implementation and the operation.

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