Online Assessment for the HR sector

Automated testing methods in the internet help both applicants and employers; interests and qualifications can be matched quickly and comfortably, selection decisions can be made efficiently.

The labor market is as mobile as it never had been before. The companies’, institutes and administrative units’ personnel departments receive dozens if not hundreds applications for jobs or study places. Simultaneously, every sender has a rightful interest in his application to be processed in a quick and nevertheless carefully.

iona - ITB Online Assessment offers a comfortable option for all participants to test interests and qualifications in an uncomplicated way:

Self-assessments, in which the applicant can test him-/herself or prepare him-/herself for his/her application

  • Get to know the requirements
  • Identify strengths and deficits
  • Match interests with expectations

Selection tests for the application process, in which the pre-selection has already started

  • Get to know the candidates better
  • Identify strengths and deficits
  • Determine the qualifications for the job description

Tangible advantages for the HR sector and applicants

Screenshot: exemplary Questionaire of ITB iona Online Assessment
During the answering of the test questionnaire the candidates will get a feeling whether the future tasks will suit them.
The personnel departments will get a sound insight and background information about the candidate which will not be as specifically possible with the traditional application documents alone.   

iona – custom-made Online Assessments for all occasions

Logo: iona - ITB Online-Assessment

Since 2006 CONET has been cooperating with the former Institute for Testing and Talent Research, today named ITB Consulting, to realize individual custom-made online assessments.

For iona – the ITB Online-Assessment – ITB Consulting develops the appropriate tests on the basis of more than 40 years of expertise in the field of aptitude testing and with the help of tried and tested scientific methods; for student counseling as well as for psychological aptitude and employment tests and assessment tools for management development.

CONET programs the respective test sequences on the basis of the iona platform including an automated evaluation with a fixed logic, customizes the user interfaces according to the customers wishes and establishes interfaces for all different kinds of technical environments, which will import the results without additional manual work into the Human Resources tools and databases.

Furthermore, CONET can take completely charge of the hosting of the professional IT solution on the basis of Java Enterpise (JEE) technology, which will be redundant and failsafe in our own certified data processing centers. The whole implementation, maintenance and a 3rd level support result in a simple integration in which the users of iona simply access the ready-to-use solution by their browser.

Reference Projects:
Both partners are continually advancing the system and offer scientific and technical support if needed. Presently, more than 20 enterprises, universities and institutions use iona as their platform for different online assessments:

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • randstad
  • Stiftung Begabtenförderung berufliche Bildung
    (SBB - foundation for talented people for occupational education)
  • Gothaer Financial Holding
  • University of Sankt Gallen

Exemplary iona applications:

Get your own impression via our Demo-Portal!

Online Self Assessment for employees of Telekom who like to study extra-occupational with the aim to get to know the opportunities and like to examine their aptitude and motivation.
Preparing Self Assessment for the
Applicant test for the allocation of scholarships of the foundation for talented people for occupational education with the aim to identify gifted applicants.
With the online portal, employees of Gothaer Insurance can test their potential as executive manager. Central questions can be answered with this test? What does leadership mean? - Who is able to manage? - Do I really want this?


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