About Enterprise Architecture Management

Strategic management of enterprise architectures from the planning and modeling phase until the targeted implementation with business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architectures (SOA)

Why Choose Enterprise Architecture Management?

Image: Enterprise Architecture Management Model

The IT landscapes of big enterprises and organizations are growing fast and due to historical reasons often in a heterogeneous way. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to adapt them fast and flexible enough to the changed market conditions.

Enterprise architecture management offers a strategic, conceptional and organizational frame to develop, enlarge or adjust your IT architecture goal-orientedly and flexibly according to new requirements.

CONET assists you as a reliable partner in all questions and tasks of enterprise architecture management:

  • Strategic and methodical management consulting
  • Planning and modeling with tested tools
  • Business IT alignment
  • Realization of service-oriented architectures and IT application landscapes
  • Business process management
  • Training of IT architects

Enterprise Architecture Management Aligns Business and IT Management and Enables the Conceptional Design of a Sustainable IT Architecture

In order to be continually successful, business processes and supporting IT systems and applications must not work at cross purposes:

Methods, models and processes are required which control the interaction of business and IT. Simultaneously, these tools must be able to comply with the IT’s requirements regarding flexibility, agility, security, stability and sustainability and to enable a respective implementation.

The enterprise architecture describes exactly this interaction of business processes and IT under the key word business IT alignment. The enterprise architecture management has evolved from IT strategiens and begins at the point where control of the complex structure of enterprise-specific applications and their interconnection is needed.
In the implementation of IT landscapes often successfully tested concepts like service-oriented architectures and business process management are used. With these concepts your architectural concepts do not merely remain plans but can become tangible reality.

Thus, your business-oriented specifications and strategies lead directly to concrete IT concepts and implementation measures.

Master Concept Enterprise Architecture Management 2.0

CONET’s architects do not leave you alone with the “skeleton” of your construction. What use is the best blueprint if not qualified craftsmen like masons, carpenters, electricians and roofers finish your dream house and deliver it ready to use?

CONET combines enterprise architecture management, BPM and SOA to the successful master concept enterprise architecture management 2.0.

CONET’s enterprise architecture management services at a glance:

  • Strategic and conceptional consulting
  • Methodical consulting and procedure models
  • Moderation and management of an enterprise architecture management team
  • Training and coaching in standards like TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) und NAF (NATO Architecture Framework)
  • Evaluation of suitable tools
  • Modeling of an enterprise architecture
  • Analysis and conception of process landscapes
  • Development and implementation of business processes
  • Development of an integration system
  • Implementation of interfaces and integration processes


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