Open Source - Valuable Basis for Innovative Application Development

For a quite some time, the free availability of open source technologies has no longer been its most important benefit: The access to the accumulated know-how of the developer communities, innumerable readily available, standardized, editable and freely combinable elements and rapid development cycles make open source tools valuable ingredients of many modern IT projects by CONET.

Open source has outgrown its former image as "IT gimmicks". Even in the business sector, open source systems and applications are often equivalent to products of established manufacturers. In some fields – like e. g. the agile web development or the IT architectures – platforms, frameworks, programming languages and tool compilations without open source codes are nigh on unimaginable.

Only the fact, that worldwide interconnected developers work on the basis of shared/common standards for the advancement of open source products, that their elements may be freely modified, combined and scaled helps so that infrastructures and apps evolve which keep up with the accelerated development pace of digital transformation.

CONET and Open Source

Logos of assorted Open Source Tools used by CONET in IT projects

Logos of assorted Open Source Tools used by CONET in IT projects

CONET implements a broad scope of open source technologies and open source concepts in nearly all IT solutions and consulting fields.

Application Areas of Open Source Products


The CONET developers, architects, integrators and consultants all have long-standing experience in these fields due to numerous successful customer projects. Thus, CONET guarantees the use of individual tools and technologies for your individual tasks, which suit the targeted support of your business processes best.

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