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With its manifold tools Microsoft's uniform programming model .NET allows for the targeted development of individual solutions for special business tasks

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Experience with IT systems and solutions shows: In nearly one hundred percent of cases standard software applications do not fulfill all the critical requirements of their range of functions. Entirely proprietary development, on the other hand, is often simply uneconomical.

The happy medium is known as enhancement on the basis of available standards. This is our way of doing things.

Within the environment of the Microsoft Windows operating system the uniform programming model Microsoft .NET allows for the targeted development of custom solutions. These make additional functions stationary via Web services and Webparts, for example, but also mobile via PDAs or other devices, bringing employees, customers, partners, data and systems together quickly and flexibly.

Standard vs. individual development – For specialists it's not a case of either/or

The solution specialists at CONET Solutions GmbH combine certified .NET expertise with many years of project experience in software development, comprehensive knowledge of database programming and up-to-date knowledge of SQL Server versions 2000 to 2008 as well as further Microsoft Technologies and tools such as ASP.Net, Web Services, ADO.Net, Internet Information Server, Silverlight, Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Reporting Services.

Slightly modified add-on solutions realized in projects, e.g., for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures and easily adapted to individual customer requirements for any kind of business.

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