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Oracle is a leading and globally active provider of business IT and offers products and solutions for a wide range of IT challenges, from database solutions and operating systems to the leading enterprise Java platform JEE, cloud offers and business applications for management and analytics. Therefore, CONET uses Oracle products in most diverse projects – in Java software development as well as in database and business intelligence solutions.

Java Enterprise and Open Source Solutions

Today, high performance, flexibility and integration are the main requirements for business applications of all kinds. Web- and Java-based applications are in many cases the best suited alternatives to fulfil these requirements.

Runtime environments based upon JEE (Java Enterprise Edition / formerly known as J2EE) serve to create, re-use, execute, integrate and administrate such applications, which often consist of a multitude of components, such as web servers, application servers, data bases, connectors, mainframes, networks or bus systems.

The resulting complexity of these mostly multi-layer applications cannot be managed without appropriate developing skills and professional tools. CONET has long-term experience in dealing with such challenges.

CONET and the Java Enterprise Edition Platform:

Our service portfolio covers the complete project lifecycle from the initial functional specification up to the actual operation. Major areas of expertise include:

  • Analysis / Design
  • Architecture / Technical Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Platform Optimizing (Application Performance Engineering - APE, Scaling, Availability)


We use approved commercial tools as well as tried and tested specially developed open source applications for the analysis and supervision of JEE frameworks and Java-based applications. In order to engineer the best possible solution for you, we pool the comprehensive expertise of our consultants, system engineers and software architects in individually assembled teams.

Oracle Database Solutions

In its current versions, Oracle Database provides a reliable architecture for combining multiple databases, establishing powerful cloud solutions and using the extensive in-memory data processing functionality for analyzing big data pools.

With MySQL, Oracle also provides one of the most sought-after open source database solutions among software developers and users alike, which supports the engineering of high-performance and fully scalable Web-based and embedded database applications.

[Source: Oracle]

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