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The vacancies and job requests on the internet supersede the classic application ways by far. Modern recruiting software for a contemporary/up-to-date e-recruiting, i. e. an IT-based applicant management, are valuable both for employer and applicants at the same time.

Employing companies have to react fast and adequately to incoming applications in the narrowing recruitment market in order to win the competition about the best applicants. For this a fast and efficient e-recruiting is indispensable.

Furthermore, the number of online applications has grown immensely during the last years. Therefore, the requirements for the HR departments’ regarding the administration and processing of applications as well as the acceleration of the recruiting processes are growing constantly. CONET has recognized these challenges and helps you to realize a modern recruiting software based on Microsoft and SAP.

What is E-Recruiting / Online Recruiting?

If you wish to score high in the competition about high potentials, you need to come up with something creative. You won’t be gaining points with your classic print advertisement. Spanning the generation gap, most people are mobile digital natives and expect to be contacted in this way, too. Thus, there is no way to avoid e-recruiting or online recruiting.

E-recruiting does not only facilitate the process for the applicant. As an entrepreneur you, too, will save time and money with it. With the help of recruiting software you can efficiently control the design of online job ads but also administrate the communication with the applicants.

Different channels like online job portals, social media platforms and business portals like XING and LinkedIn as well as the own career website to address the applicants are provided by e-recruiting or online recruiting, respectively. Additionally, you should even consider mobile recruiting via apps or mobile career sites for your e-recruiting strategy.

E-Recruiting and its Advantages

  • Great coverage and more potential applicants
  • High flexibility in the management of job ads
  • Facilitated applicant management
  • Fast and comfortable recruiting processes - for recruiter and applicants
  • Faster processing of applications
  • Interfaces to social media platforms
  • Improved and partially automated communication with the applicants
  • A much more efficient recruiting process (finding your ideal candidate faster)
  • Depiction of the complete application, selection and employment process in a single recruiting software
  • No media breaks

CONET Services in E-Recruiting at a Glance:

  • Development of career platforms in web or portal infrastructures
  • Implementation of recruiting software (Microsoft SharePoint and SAP E-Recruiting)
  • Integration into existing systems and processes
  • Introduction and individual customization of the recruiting software in consideration of modern user experience (SAP UI5)
  • Conception and optimization of workflows
  • Design of reporting sheets, analyses and ad-hoc reports
  • Trainings
  • Technical support

Recruiting Software From CONET

A good recruiting software enables your company a modern applicant management. CONET has significant expertise in the realization of IT-supported software for recruiting and applicant management and offers for example powerful recruiting software based on Microsoft SharePoint and SAP.

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