We are CONET Hrvatska - Nice to meet you!

In our hybrid live and online meet & greet we'd like to introduce to you our newly founded branch CONET Hrvatska d.o.o based in Zagreb. Our goal is to grow dynamically and to become known as one of the top employers in the IT sector in Croatia.

On June 17 we met live at Wespa Spaces in Zagreb as well as online and participants were invited to find out more about fascinating projects, groundbreaking technology and the chances to become part of the CONET Hrvatska team!

As a successful, modern and expanding group of companies with our roots in the strong German IT market, we still retain our midsize characteristics and working philosophy. CONET offers IT consulting, development and services in a diverse range of areas from SAP and Infrastructure to Communications and Software.

Our event "Nice to meet you!" took place on June 17, 2021. 

You were not able to attend our Meet & Greet or would you like to watch the presentations again? For your convenience we have provided recordings and presentations for downloading in the program table below.

Nice to meet you! – Program & Downloads

Find out more about fascinating projects, groundbreaking technology and your chance to become part of the CONET Hrvatska team!

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Welcome Note by CONET Hrvatska HR Manager Andrea Čerina and Consultant Robert Katić

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Introduction to our Project Portfolio with Java-based Enterprise CMS Coremedia

As a full-service agency with a focus on "Customer Experience", Babiel GmbH implements many websites and Internet portals. Ministries and public institutions as well as well-known industrial and financial service companies are among our customers. We implement many of our projects with the Java-based enterprise CMS "Coremedia". Migration, redesign and further development of complex web applications is implemented by our agile teams in modern development environments.

– Jochen Müller, Head of Online Communications, and Robert Utzig, Managing Consultant at Babiel GmbH

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Advanced MapService for Coordinated Control Room Communications

MapService is the new development of a former customized map service solution, which makes the activity of highway emergency call stations and tunnel audiocast systems visible for control room personnel. In addition, it is possible to initiate and control voice communication and audiocast of these audio end devices from the map. The new development was necessary because the current product UI does not match with CONET’s UCRS solution now in use. The new MapService-UI is based on a JavaScript application loaded inside the new web-based product UI (CCS). A MapService backend server, based on Java, manages all MapService-UI instances and ties into our UCRS product to control the workplace communications of the control center workstations.

– Jens Hennes, Senior IT Architect Communication Solutions at CONET Communications GmbH

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Modern Web Architecture Separating the UI from Business Model and Logic - Mobile App Development for Digital Farming Solutions

The first part of the presentation focuses on CircuitML as a modern web architecture separating the user interface (UI) from the actual business model and business logic, called Model View Component (MVC). The UI is based on AngularJS which simply calls different Microservice APIs in order gather required data for visualization (view). Technology used includes JSON formatted requests, AWS services like DynamoDB (noSQL) and S3 buckets (object storage), AWS Elastic Container Service “Fargate”, AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB), AWS Virtual Private Network (VPC) and backend services like Consul, Rabbitmq or Redis.

The second part centers on the development of the mobile part of an app for field and farm management to optimize yields. The app is available on Android and iOS and is already in productive use. A worldwide rollout is planned, regions in Europe, Asia and Latin America have already been integrated. The team is international and the project language is English, all developments are carried out using agile methods in a Scrum of Scrums approach.

– Philipp Zeuner, Infrastructure Specialist, and Kathrin Färber, Senior Project Manager at CONET Solutions GmbH

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SAP Analytics Platform and Cloud as Part of the IT Strategy Roadmap for Digital Transformation

The IT strategy roadmap at our customer understands the implementation of various new technologies as the next step to address digital transformation and ensure operational and strategic business intelligence. Furthermore, the customer aims to be at the forefront of digitalization and innovation topics. SAP Analytics Platform is a product within the Enterprise Data & Analytics domain and is currently responsible for four BW Platforms (three BW on HANA landscapes with one central JAVA stack and one BW/4HANA). One task of the product for the above-mentioned IT strategy roadmap is the migration of the current BW on HANA stack to the new BW/4 landscape. In addition, SAP Data Intelligence, a new tool from SAP, provides an ingest solution for particularly large data volumes and acts as a bridging technology between on-premise SAP systems and the cloud-hosted Cloud Data Hub, the customer´s data lake. This solution was integrated into the SAP Analytics Platforms target stack. Another component of this target is the SAP Analytics Cloud, a self-service front-end solution for dashboarding and analytics.

– Dennis Nguyen-Huu, Consultant at PROCON IT GmbH

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