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In times of intense competition, shrinking margins and transparent, transregional markets, your company is dependent on efficient processes in the area of procurement. These require powerful enterprise software that not only maps the flow of information, but also supports demand planning and helps you map and control your company's materials flow.

SAP Materials Management is the SAP solution for transparent mapping of complete internal and external procurement processes for materials and services, including requirements determination, processing, and payment processing for holistic materials management.

As an experienced SAP partner in the area of SAP MM Materials Management, CONET supports you in every phase of your project. For example, our consultants will analyze your current procurement processes and supplier structures and derive the optimal business processes for you.

Functions of SAP Materials Management

SAP MM is one of several modules for SAP Logistics and the core component when it comes to providing complex materials management in the area of SAP ERP. With SAP MM you manage logistical master data such as material numbers, batches and serial numbers. In addition, the SAP solution covers the qualitative, temporal and quantitative planning and control of all material movements within your company and beyond.

At its core, SAP MM is about the transparent mapping of the complete (internal as well as external) procurement processes of materials and services. It considers the areas of purchasing, including the determination and planning of requirements and the determination of the source of supply, inventory management and stocktaking, as well as logistics invoice verification.

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With SAP MM you're able to transparently map the entire procurement process.

As part of the SAP ECC solution, the Materials Management module is fully integrated into the overall SAP solution. The transparency achieved with SAP MM along the entire value chain has a positive impact on your company's competitiveness.

Benefits of SAP MM

The SAP solution for logistics processes maps all necessary processes in materials management, thus ensuring an elevated level of process reliability. Companies get an overview of all material movements as well as the current material stock. In addition, SAP MM offers the following advantages:

  • centralization of procurement processes
  • optimized controlling of the ordering process
  • real-time management of inventories
  • automated assignment and archiving of delivery notes
  • faster reaction to demands due to optimized material stocks

Our SAP MM Services at a Glance

CONET supports you in transparently mapping your logistics processes and introducing holistic material management. We offer you the following consulting services:

  • analysis of your current procurement processes and supplier structures 
  • complete planning and implementation of SAP projects in the area of procurement
  • system customizing
  • realization of complementary customized solutions
  • training of your SAP personnel
  • application support for your SAP solution


Contact us! Together we will find the best possible combination of current SAP logistics modules, adapted to your individual logistics requirements. With us, you can rely on comprehensive consulting expertise across all SAP system landscapes - from SAP ERP to SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA.

Submodules of SAP MM

SAP MM is divided into two areas: SAP MM-PUR is a sub-module for purchasing. The second area is SAP MM-IM and deals with the warehouse and goods movements.

Procurement with SAP MM-PUR

SAP MM-PUR is used for the external procurement of materials and services. The sub-module can be used to determine suitable suppliers for the respective requirements. Employees thus have to invest less time in researching and creating new suppliers. It also allows you to monitor the entire ordering process, from the delivery of goods to their payment.

Inventory Management with SAP MM-IM 

The SAP MM-IM submodule is designed for warehouse management. It allows you to plan, record and document goods movements. You can also check the stock of goods and the value of goods. The system automatically updates data for each goods movement. This includes quantity and value updates for inventory management, account assignment for cost accounting, and G/L accounts for financial accounting via automatic account determination. 

With SAP MM-IM, companies record the current material stock in the warehouse. In addition, items that have been ordered but not yet delivered are also recorded. The same applies to goods that are still in the warehouse but are already destined for onward transport to the customer. SAP MM-IM already calculates these out of the actual warehouse quantity. SAP MM-IM also allows tracking of internal as well as external goods movements. Internal goods movements include office supplies, for example, while an external goods movement can be inbound deliveries from another company.

SAP MM-IM also supports you in planning and carrying out an inventory. The stock level stored in SAP MM-IM can be used as a reference for the manual inventory. The manual count is then entered in the system and the difference is cleared. 

Warehouse Management with SAP MM

SAP Material Management can also be used to manage the warehouse. The posting of goods receipts and issues as well as the marking of scheduled goods gives a real-time overview of the inventory. The transfer of materials is also recorded by the system. SAP MM supports static warehousing, which means that no storage location-specific inventory management is possible. The inventory management module is therefore only suitable for goods with low fluctuation of the average stock level. The SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM) module or its successor SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is used for storage bin-based inventory management. 

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