Critical Communications with CONET UC Radio Suite

CONET UC Radio Suite (UCRS) provides control rooms and command centers with a comprehensive powerful communication dispatch solution which integrates most diverse channels from PBX and mobile telephone networks to digital radio like TETRA, P25, DMR as well as geographic and business information systems, public address systems, video surveillance (CCTV), video conferencing and satellite communication infrastructures.

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In the daily challenges faced by public and industry control rooms and command centers alike, a reliable and efficient communication between all players via the most diverse communication channels is essential for effective decision-making and decisive action.

  • UCRS offers smooth Integration and usability of all critical communication processes
  • UCRS supports fast and process driven communication especially in crisis scenarios
  • UCRS facilitates system management demands with „ease to manage“ dispatcher console
  • UCRS provides a highly available and secure system architecture for critical business processes

Successfully facing challenges and addressing critical business needs!

The CONET UC Radio Suite is entirely based on open and established standards and can therefore be fully customized, easily integrated with third-party systems and comfortably administered.

The UCRS thus combines powerful features and an excellent user experience with investment protection and a forward-looking approach to deal with the critical communications challenges of today and tomorrow.

With the help of the CONET UC Radio Suite (UCRS), the control center will finally be true to its name and become a center for communication and information exchange with a unified user interface equipped for all kinds of usage scenarioes.

Product and data sheets of the CONET UC Radio Suite in PDF format for download

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