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With a positive customer experience (CX), you turn your customers into fans of your brand. You benefit from strong brand loyalty and a high recommendation rate. This requires the right strategy and digital solutions. Our consultants support you with individual workshops, requirements analyses and innovative software.

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Customer experience management describes the sum of all measures that positively influence the customer experience. CONET works with you to develop customized solutions for your company and implements new systems that allow you to keep an overview of all customer experience processes.


Customer Experience Services by CONET – Overview

Consulting, design and implementation of customer experience services for customer-centric digital transformation

  • Customizing & implementation of digital experience platforms
  • Customer communication management
  • Implementation of business CX solutions (e.g. e-commerce platforms)
  • Consulting & design in the context of user experience and accessibility
  • Contact center solutions


Customer Experience

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Customers today are better informed than ever before. Your customers determine when and how they want to interact with your company. Most of this happens digitally. If you don't take full advantage of omnichannel opportunities here and don't know your customers' needs, you'll quickly lose them to the competition.

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Experts estimate that acquiring new customers requires five times more effort than retaining existing customers. This is where customer experience management comes in, as it focuses primarily on existing customers. The aim is to increase purchase frequency and brand loyalty through positive experiences. Satisfied customers not only buy more regularly, they also make higher-quality purchases. In addition, they support your company even in difficult times and recommend it to family, friends and acquaintances. Successful companies are therefore increasingly focusing on customer experience management.

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What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience refers to the experience that a customer has with a company. The sum of all measures that are intended to positively influence this customer experience are summarized under the term Customer Experience Management. It is the epitome of an all-round customer-oriented business and an important tool for building long-term customer relationships. This includes creating positive experiences at all points of contact (touchpoints) with a company. For example, high service standards and fast response times should delight the customer. His expectations should be exceeded.

"The loyalty of customers and employees is more valuable to companies than ever. A positive customer experience inspires your customers and you benefit from lifelong loyalty." Andreas Heupel, Consultant Customer Experience

With a successful customer experience strategy, the customer keeps the brand in good memory for a long time. A holistic, positive customer experience creates sustainable customer loyalty. In the further course of time, loyal customers can also become enthusiastic brand ambassadors. In an increasingly homogeneous market, customer experience management gives companies a decisive competitive edge.

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With integrated solutions, all data silos are dissolved. End-to-end customer experiences from lead to cash are realized in the highest quality. Depending on your needs, we support you with the following services and solutions:

  • Individual workshop to determine your CX needs and acute pain points as well as to analyze the customer journey and derive concrete recommendations for action.
  • Analysis of your existing processes in order to work out requirements for the new system and to make adjustments to the system standard
  • Implementation of the new system in your existing system landscape including migration of existing data and the targeted use of agile and classic project management methods
  • Setting up the system based on your needs and ideas regarding user interface, dashboards and analyses as well as support in establishing new daily routines and workflows for all stakeholders
  • Training and support of your employees for a quick and easy familiarization and acceptance of the new strategy and software


Feel free to contact our experts if you have any questions about Customer Experience. The initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.​

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We offer a free and non-binding initial consultation.

4 Tips for Good Customer Experience

Customer experience management is now considered the supreme discipline in marketing. To make it a success, you should follow a few basics. These apply regardless of whether your company operates in the B2C or B2B sector.

  1. Know your customers: A detailed analysis is the cornerstone of successful customer experience management. In doing so, you should answer the following questions: Who are your customers (age, gender, interests, etc.)? What expectations do they have of your product, your service, your company? What are the most important touchpoints at which customer contact takes place?
  2. Rely on real customer data: To shape your customer journey, be sure to rely on real data. The challenge here is that data treasures are often scattered across different systems. Modern innovations such as customer experience tools, chatbots and artificial intelligence help to bring together and evaluate your customer data from different sources. You also benefit from this in the accompanying evaluation of success. After all, if you base your strategy on data, you can also present demonstrable results.
  3. Offer emotional added value: Does your company score with a good price-performance ratio? Your products and services do the job they were designed to do? All this is good, but it is far from a guarantee that customers will remain loyal to you in the long term. However, the chances increase if you create a customer experience that exceeds expectations and stirs emotions.
  4. Plan a holistic strategy: individual measures to increase interaction and customer satisfaction are all well and good, but they can quickly become the famous drop in the bucket. If in doubt, they fizzle out as soon as something else in the customer journey goes wrong. Therefore, you need to think holistically and strategically in order to position yourself professionally in terms of customer experience. In doing so, you should critically examine and question all processes that are visible to the outside world.
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SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience

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Customer Communication Management

Das Zeitalter der Digitalisierung verändert Märkte und Branchen. Einseitige, statische und papierbasierte Informationsflüsse werden durch interaktive über alle Kanäle zugängliche Kommunikationsformen abgelöst. Mit Leidenschaft unterstützen wir unsere Kunden darin, mit ihren Kunden besser, schneller und ansprechender zu kommunizieren.

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