Mobile Operations Support with CONET's Mobile Command Flightcase

Integrated communication, fast coordination and provision of up-to-date information for a heightened situational awareness for all response forces involved in public safety,  large-scale events and emergencies as well as in plant security and safety.

The Mobile Command Flightcase of CONET UC Radio Suite - equipped with Panel PC and two Hand Radio Terminals (HRTs)

With its Mobile Command Flightcase, CONET offers a mobile communication platform which uses modern communication standards and the integration functionality of CONET UC Radio Suite to achieve direct connectivity between the digital hand radio terminals of major manufacturers with public digital radio as well as public and private mobile radio and data networks.

The state-of-the-art solution is mounted into a ruggedized military-grade plastic case. At an overall weight of approximately 11 kg (25 lb) and measuring 563 x 226 x 349 mm (WxHxD, including trolley), it can easily be transported in any emergency vehicle. Upon arriving on site, it is ready to use right away and can be powered via 12 or 230 volt circuits.

In addition to the TETRA communication features, WLAN and GSM routers provide for platform-independent direct data transfer. Visual information on the current situation can either be viewed on an external screen, via projector or on a panel PC optionally already integrated into the flightcase.

Further functionality includes GPS tracking of TETRA hand radio terminals and smartphones, voice and data recording as well as ready-to-use smartphone and tablet apps for the operating systems Android, iOS and WindowsPhone.

Feature Overview:

  • Radio integration and hybrid radio technology of CONET UC Radio Suite
  • Voice and data communications for TETRA as well as WLAN and GSM
  • Integrated WLAN and GSM routers
  • Integration of smartphones into TETRA group communication
  • Video and data broadcasting into the groups
  • Situation reports for heightened situational awareness
  • Depiction of situation reports and location of response forces on external screen, via projector or on optionally integrated panel PC
  • GPS tracking of TETRA hand radio terminals and smartphones
  • Voice and data recording
  • Smartphone and tablet apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Additional special functions not provided by regular TETRA networks

Configuration & Dimensions:

  • HRT kit for 2 Sepura or Motorola TETRA hand radio terminals
  • With or without integrated panel PC
  • Connectors for external screen, projector etc.
  • Powered by 230 or 12 volt
  • Compact case made from military-grade polypropylene (IP67)
  • Weight: 11 kg / 25 lb
  • Dimensions including trolley: 563 x 226 x 349 mm (WxHxD)

Functionality Chart:

The Mobile Command Flightcase of CONET UC Radio Suite - Functionality Overview


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