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As a data center manager you need a flexible and powerful server operating system in order to provide enterprise-critical business applications, systems and data reliably and securely.

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With the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) you have a highly reliable, extensible and secure operating system at your command. Even under a large workload in physical, virtual and cloud-based environments the SLES provides an efficient and effective management of business services and enterprise networks through seamless integration, easy administration and open source technology.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the sole Linux distribution which is being recommended for use in complex enterprise architectures by leading manufacturers like Microsoft, SAP and VMware. As a modular system designed for interoperability, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports open source CIM interfaces, thus being able to work alongside a Microsoft System Center or other CIM-based systems in heterogeneous IT landscapes.

Advantages of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:

  • Reduce your costs for administrative systems and hardware!
  • Save your time through standardized installation and update procedures!
  • Minimize your risks through high security standards and open-source-driven innovations!
  • Extend your infrastructure with flexible add-on solutions with just those components you really need!

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension

As a leading open source solution for the implementation of highly available Linux clusters this extension offers comprehensive functions for the comfortable implementation and administration of cluster solutions. The recently optimized user guidance and user interface enable even the least experienced administrators to optimize the performance and availability of Linux infrastructures.

SUSE Manager

The SUSE manager in its newest version is the most efficient solution for the administration of a Linux environment. You will profit from the improved patch and update management, compliance and provisioning with the support for PostgreSQL databases.

SUSE Studio

SUSE Studio is a web application to design and test software applications in a web browser and supports classic client server, virtual and cloud-based applications. It is available as an online or on-site installed version and permits you to develop your own application images or appliances based on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.


As a long-standing Novell platinum partner, CONET has earned a comprehensive expertise with different Linux distributions in numerous projects both in the private and public sector. These are constantly extended by CONET’s Linux specialists who implement value-adding and innovative solutions for the benefit of your customers.

We advise you independently to select suitable systems and tools and will assist you with the introduction and the operation of your respective infrastructures.

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