About SUSE Linux Enterprise

SUSE Linux Enterprise is the Linux distribution designed specifically for business customers and thus able to cope with even complex demands towards reliability and security.

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Like many other enterprise IT users, you have decided to expand your Linux infrastructure, but you want to keep the costs coming with this expansion to a minimum? Then use this opportunity to complement your existing Client/Server and/or virtual architecture with a cost-effective Linux distribution, which is mainly characterized by its almost legendary interoperability: SUSE Linux Enterprise.

This powerful data center solution offers the highest possible levels of reliability and security while keeping infrastructure costs to a minimum.

Go for the original: SUSE Linux Enterprise distribution, which is recommended by leading IT players like VMware, Microsoft and SAP and that currently powers more than 13,000 companies and organizations worldwide!

(Source: SUSE)

Our expertise

Constantly on the lookout for the best available solutions for our customers' individual requirements, CONET uses proven Attachemate Group products and service offers in many different projects and infrastructures.

Especially our many customers in public administration value the extensive functionality of these open source or Linux-based system solutions for supporting heterogeneous architectures, distributed organizational structures and high security standards.

Current key areas of our technical and consulting expertise are, in addition to SUSE's Linux distribution,  the Novell Open Enterprise Server as solid infrastructure foundation as well as the collaboration solutions GroupWise and Vibe, the comprehensive platform and system management solution ZENworks, solutions for identity, access, security and governance by NetIQ as well as   virtualization and workload management tools like NetIQ PlateSpin.

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