About Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational data base management system, that perfectly suits business-critical applications, Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Workloads. CONET will be happy to advise you on the functional capabilities as well as the implementation of Microsoft SQL.

Microsoft SQL is one of the most powerful und secure data base management systems on the market. In addition to revision-proof data storage, complex business intelligence operations, high performance search and extensive functionality for improving data quality characterize the Microsoft solution.

The latest 2014 version offers powerful in-memory security technology for OLTP, data warehousing, BI and analytic workloads. Thus transactions are getting up to 30 times faster and queries perform up to 100 times better. Thanks to SQL server 2014 you benefit from high availability, up to eight secondary replicas, higher security standards, improved scalability, hybrid backup and disaster recovery – both local and via cloud. Get more information under this Microsoft link.

CONET and Microsoft SQL

CONET has many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of SQL server infrastructures, data security and performance optimization. As a certified Microsoft partner our experts are able to access the whole product range of Microsoft SQL to support you in the supply and administration of date bases both local and via cloud.

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