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Every market and customer segment faces its own special challenges in dealing with information technology and process management. Due to our often year-long experience in cooperating with different customers and sectors, CONET is well aware of their individual requirements and expectations. Every new solution is engineered with these prerequisites in mind, leading to practicable results with real and tangible benefits. Furthermore, we thouroughly analyze every new special industry solution in regard to its usability in other contexts and sectors, always trying to make innovations available to a larger group of our customers.

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Defense & Public Security

Image: Armed Forces

With the development and implementation of modern IT solutions, CONET actively supports defense and security agencies in being better prepared to respond to threats and crises in connection with natural desasters, international terrorism and crime as well as cyber war. In view of taking part in an increasing number of joint multi-national operations and coping with extended responsibilities, IT solutions for logistics, communications and mobile networking infrastructures also play a key role in enabling the German Armed Forces to fulfil their obligations and to be best prepared for organizing and running future operations. Similar challenges have to be faced by all NATO armies and other international armed forces as well as by almost all national agencies and organizations working in the diverse fields of public security, where modern IT is crucial for effective preventional, operational and supporting duties. More on CONET solutions for defense and public security

Public Sector

Image: Building with the German heraldic eagle, symbolizing the public sector

For public institutions, agencies and organizations, CONET provides comprehensive IT solutions as well as their technological backbone: reliable IT infrastructures, which comply with government regulations and satisfy public sector requirements towards security, efficiency and availability alike. Without intelligent concepts and methods for optimizing business processes, streamlining accounting and controlling as well as fitting support for citizen services, self service portals, collaboration and communications, the high demands towards a modern and effective public administration and its own goals for minimizing expenses and delivering better service will not be easily achieved. More on CONET solutions for public administration and public bodies

Industry, Commerce, Private Sector

With our broad portfolio of innovative and reliable solutions, CONET supports its private sector customers in redesigning their business processes, optimizing daily routines and advancing profitability, sustainability and growth. Business process management, enterprise architecture, collaboration, unified communications and virtualization are currently the most pressing issues for enabling an efficient use of modern IT and delivering real benefit to any organization. In its many different varieties and implementations, these diverse solutions underline the role of modern IT, evolving from self-centered and isolated infrastructures into integrated, process driving combinations of flexible services, whose main goal and basis for success lies in their direct contribution towards enhancing daily business. More on CONET solutions for the private sector


For the Federal Armed Forces and its various branches in general and, since 2001, the Joint Support Service (SKB) as well, CONET has been and remains as dependable and flexible an IT partner as it is an innovative one. With their profound knowledge of the Federal Armed Forces and their understanding of the principles of modern leadership and operating efficiency, CONET provides sound solutions for the support and optimization of our operations.

Günter Schwarz, Managing Director HIL Heeresinstandsetzungslogistik GmbH

Defense & Public Security Solutions

The combination of innovative solutions and proven technology is a key factor for being able to successfully facing new security challenges in operations abroad and public security at home.

International Armed Forces
Faced with an increasing number of multinational operations and a broadened scope of tasks, the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) are strengthening their focus on operational capability and operational readiness as well as conducting operations. In this they are no different from other NATO armies or international armed forces on the whole, all of which are currently following similar paths. With implementing network-enabled management and leadership systems, intelligent controlling, planning and logistics support as well as integrated IT solutions for secure communication and network infrastructures, we are actively contributing to a lasting safeguarding of all integral skill categories of the armed forces.

Public Security
Public or homeland security, with its multitude of organizations that have to be coordinated closely and effectively, is facing similar challenges to those of the armed forces. Modern IT support is therefore in just as high a demand, in order to remain able to guarantee sound decision-making and effective responses, especially in the face of unforeseeable crises in cyber war, disaster management and the war against terrorism.

Proven ways of reaching new goals
To face these challenges also means that the defense and security sectors have to widen their use of methodologies and technologies which have been successfully in use with private enterprises for years. A major concept in this regard is COTS, i.e. commercial off the shelf solutions, which follows the basic principle of using established industry standards and solutions and adapting them to the special requirements of the defense and security sectors.
Spot-on examples of this are:

  • The joint development of the SAP Industry Solution for Defense Forces & Public Security (IS-DFPS) by the Bundeswehr, SAP and knowledgeable partners like CONET
  • The use of innovative communications solutions like the radio transmission integration platform CONET UC Radio Suite (UCRS), developed on the basis of Cisco IP telephony and integration technology like Cisco IPICS


Thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of the processes and procedures in public-sector accounting and controlling, and their technical expertise, CONET provided us with optimal support. We especially valued the competent and effective work delivered by CONET's consultants, from the conceptual design to the quality assurance of the implementation of our new overall cost and activity accounting system.

Dr. Matthias Scheffler, Head of Controlling Division, Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices

Public Sector Solutions

To work efficiently and to use public resources sensibly are the key demands of public administration in the 21st century. IT plays a major role in meeting these requirements. CONET offers its public sector customers powerful advanced solutions and reliable IT infrastructures as their technological backbone. Solutions that comply with the high demands set by the public sector towards security, efficiency, performance and availability and at the same time fulfilling the prescriptions set by current legislation. Without these and fitting underlying concepts for their use, the optimization of business processes, modern accounting as well as citizen services, portal solutions, collaboration and communication services, any ambitious goals set by the public administration will be almost impossible to achieve.

"One-stop-service" and "allround service provider for the public sector“ may be buzzwords heard more than enough, but CONET takes them to heart. From the simple size of our corporation to the broad network of branch offices, our key fields of expertise and effective know-how transfer in our group of companies, we are able to offer our public sector customers a broad and value adding solution portfolio.

Keep it personal!
CONET combines the broad know-how base of an IT big player with the personality of a classical mid-sizer. For our customers a real benefit: When working with CONET, you will not have to deal with weekly rotating project team rosters. The consultants who answer an invitation to bid and work together with you on detailing the project requirements will be the same that take care of solution design, implementation and support.

Keep it close!
"Service at your doorstep“ - with our headquarters situated in Hennef near Bonn and a special branch office in Berlin specialized on solutions and services for public administrative bodies in the German capital, we are only one short call away from our public customers. Our extensive public administration expertise combined with nine locations throughout Germany and Austria, we make sure that our federal, state and municipal customers get the best service possible without long and expensive travel arrangements being necessary.

Keep it simple!
Our project teams usally consist of three to five people, making them highly effective. They are carefully selected to pool all technical and process expertise necessary for the special requirements in public sector IT and management projects, especially in the scope of federal and state administration. And in the case that individual demands call for even more specialized skills, it takes our consultants just a small step across the aisle to get in touch with their colleagues and procur fast assistance.

Keep it open-minded!
Comprehensive knowledge of the individual characteristics of every single customer is essential for finding fitting solutions. But time and again, such a self-centered perspective might unnecessarily narrow the scope of new ideas and preclude an open-minded approach. At CONET, we not only emphasize knowledge transfer in the boundaries of our won enterprise. We also make sure that project teams working for different customers in any sector of industry and administration exchange their experiences frequently, enabling successful concepts to be adapted to and used in other environments, making best-of-breed solutions available to all our customers. Our everyday project experience shows that this approach does work: proven industry solutions can find their way into public administration and provide added value there, just as well as public solutions like new accounting and bookkeeping regulations might benefit many traditional enterprises.


I got to know CONET as our technology partner in the development of Lotus Notes, inSight and SAP BW. I value the company as a highly-qualified IT service provider that can deal with our requests quickly and flexibly.

Dr. Frank Lukas, Bayer Material-Science, Regional Service Center Asia Pacific

Industry, Commerce and Private Sector Solutions

With our solutions we help our customers in many industrial fields like chemicals & pharmaceuticals as well as commerce, transportation, logistics and  finance sectors to reorganize processes, optimize working procedures, and increase efficiency and sustainability substantially. Business process management, enterprise architecture, collaboration, unified communications and virtualization are in this context key players for an effective use of modern information technology. In their many applications and usage scenarios, they emphasize the role of information technology as a collection of different but easily combined and integrated services that accelerate and facilitate daily business and thus constitute an integral part of any professional management infrastructure built to provide real added value. For CONET this is no revolutionary idea, but the logical conclusion drawn from longtime project experience.

We know what knowledge really means
Knowledge management, web-based applications and portal solutions play a decisive role in such a service-oriented context. With their structuring of endless quantities of information and their  uncomplicated usability and personalization, these systems accelerate and facilitate daily business.
In this context, our daily project experience often shows certain shortcomings in out-of-the-box standard solutions. Especially a close connection, interaction and integration of separate platforms, systems and applications tends to pose complex challenges which call for new standardized but nevertheless flexible and modularly built project solutions, which CONET then develops for special requirements. Because standards are our daily business – custom solutions are our passion.

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