Success. Our passion. CONET is the digitization partner with a focus on Consulting, Customer Experience, Data Intelligence, Managed Services, SAP and Software Development.

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Satisfied customers are our main motivation. For them, our employees develop reliable and technologically consistent solutions. Today, CONET already ranks among the largest and best medium-sized German IT consulting providers in Germany. In the future, we aim to grow further and challenge the market.

The success of our projects for the customer is the guideline for our actions. We want to excite our customers every day by understanding and supporting them and their processes. Customer proximity at more than 20 locations throughout Europe, strong specialist expertise and motivated employees form the base, upon which we develop with our hearts and our minds new and flexible solutions to provide our customers with return on investment today and future reliability for tomorrow. We think and work beyond the individual project and invest into the forming of a rewarding relationship.

Technologies are developing continually. Our customers are renowned industrial and commercial companies as well as public authorities. All of them expect reliable solutions to exploit the full potential of modern information technology as a driver for innovation and efficiency. It is our ambition to think and to go beyond the project for our customers. We love to make efforts in order to help our customers to plan and control their IT tasks without effort. We are fully satisfied only when our solutions support the core processes of our customers efficiently.

Project experience and professional expertise are important. But what distinguishes us most is the passion to be successful for our customers. CONET lives a responsible interaction with customers, business partners and employees. We aim to establish long-term relationships. Mutual respect, appreciation and the commitment to success guide our actions. Every day with full commitment.


That’s What We Stand for

We continuously optimize our CONET portfolio. Thus, our customers can always rely upon CONET to get the optimum support to master their IT challenges and to make use of all the added values and synergies of modern IT solutions.

The ongoing digitalization is the central challenge of today’s business – the omnipresent networking is fundamentally changing the private and working environment. At the same time, the borders between the two worlds are blurring because of paradigms for the private use of information technology and communications are establishing themselves also in the modern business environment.

As your partner for all IT issues, it is our aim to actively address the digital transformation as well as to design, connect and use digital processes in such a way that they create a tangible added value – by accelerating processes, facilitating work, enabling
new work models and reducing costs.

Based on our corporate philosophy, CONET concentrates on the four strategic service areas of Consulting, Customer ExperienceData Intelligence, Managed Services, SAP and Software Development. In continuous alignment with market requirements, new developments, best practices and trends in the IT sector, new trends and topics emerge as the current key aspects of digitalization. These we support throughout their complete lifecycle from design to operation with our strategy, technology and process consulting.

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