About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a constantly increasing collection of integrated cloud services for analysis, computing, data bases, mobile devices, networks, memory and web applications. Thanks to Azure companies have become more flexible and economical.

Every developer or IT expert is able to work efficiently via Azure. Integrated tools, templates and administrative services support you to manage company, web, mobile and IoT apps (Internet of Things) quicker and easier. Besides, Microsoft is the leading provider for cloud infrastructure as a service, application platform as a service and public cloud storage services.

Azure offers the opportunity to connect the advantages of your data center with the advantages of a public cloud service. That way it is simple to establish applications, that work both local and via cloud. With Azure Active Directory you can also rely on powerful access management and identity management functionality for an integrated cyber security strategy. Furthermore, all operating systems, languages, tools and frameworks are provided – from Windows to Linux, SQL server to Oracle or C# to Java.

The services of Azure with usage based payment can be scaled up or down at any time, so that you pay only for resources actually used. (source: Microsoft)

CONET and Microsoft Azure

CONET offers cloud consulting as well as a certified data center in Frankfurt, that is able to guarantee an effective and functioning IT service management. Our experts have many years of experience and many certifications within the Microsoft world. They are looking forward to support you to establish, integrate and procure cloud solutions and services via Azure.

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