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Developed especially for the use in heterogeneous IT environments, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an open-source-based and therefore economic, secure and easy to administrate alternative for many different desktop application fields.

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Interoperability is the keyword under which SUSE advances the development of its desktop range. Apart from a suitable server infrastructure, the desktop management is another important element of a logical IT strategy.

Not only in SUSE/Novell-based environments SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop fits in seamlessly; but it also shows its strengths in the cooperation with Windows or Mac:

  • Save on license fees for hardware and applications by using the various included management tools and LibreOffice, the Novell’s successor which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office.
  • Utilize the extensive range of applications included in the scope of delivery like web browser, e-mail (fully integrative with Micro Focus GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange), collaboration tools or multimedia player.
  • Secure your data and applications from viruses, malware and other threats; e. g. with the help of AppArmor, a security technology, which protects each application with a firewall, or other security measures like desktop locks and VPN use.
  • Benefit from an attractive and modern user interface and a flexible administration for many different application ranges. Each desktop element can be individually customized to your special requirements – from a “thin client” to a high-performance workstation.


As a long-standing Novell Platinum Partner, CONET has earned a comprehensive expertise with different Linux distributions in numerous projects both in the private and the public sector. These are constantly extended by CONET’s Linux specialists who implement value-adding and innovative solutions for the benefit of your customers.

We advise you independently to select suitable systems and tools and will assist you with the introduction and the operation of your respective infrastructures.

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