KEMP Load Balancer Solutions

KEMP Technologies is the market leader in respect to the price performance ratio load balancer and application delivery controllers (ADCs), thus providing companies with a higher infrastructure availability, improved web performance and a much more efficient operation. CONET employs the KEMP’s load balancers e. g. for the implementation of powerful and modern Microsoft Exchange architectures to ensure a high availability, performance and efficient operation.

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KEMP’s load balancers optimize the web and application infrastructure to a higher performance, flexible scalability, security and a user-friendly administration. Network administrators have a better control over their IT infrastructure and are able to plan reliably. Regarding the application availability and integrity they can adapt them quickly to altered framework prerequisites. Subsequently the complete infrastructure’s operational costs can be measurably reduced due to the comprehensive and flexible application options.

Load Balancers offered by KEMP Technologies

  • Virtual Load Balancers: Powerful virtual load balancers for VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen and VirtualBox
  • Hardware Load Balancers: KEMP’s easy-to-use load balancers achieve a rate of 10,2 Gbps and have ASIC-based SSl-acceleration
  • Cloud Load Balancer: for hybrid cloud and public cloud applications optimized load balancer; available for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
  • Load Balancer for Bare Metal: Change your market-leading server hardware with the LoadMaster-operating system LMOS into a powerful L4-7-Load-Balancer

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