About Microsoft Hyper-V

Under the lable of Hyper-V, Microsoft offers its own reliable and flexible solution for the manifold tasks of modern server virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) as well as cloud computing.

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Virtualization is definitely one of the current must-haves in the field of efficient IT infrastructure management due to its various options for significantly optimizing server load balancing and reducing the overall infrastructure costs in the process.

Microsoft Hyper-V, or to be more accurate, the Microsoft Hyper-V server, is available for free download and has deliberatly been designed as a highly flexible while reliable solutions that easily plugs into any existing infrastructure.

Established processes and tasks, e.g. in patching, provisioning and IT management, can therefore remain in use without major modifications being necessary.

Microsoft Hyper-V adds special added value with:

  • Small footprint and minimal overhead
  • Server load balacing
  • Load balancing and virtualization across multiple locations
  • Desktop virtualization via VDI
  • Host clustering
  • Live migration
  • Support of powerful physical memory in hosts (up to 1TB)
  • Support of up to 8 host processors

As with all virtualization technology used by CONET in its customer projects, we begin every new solution development with a comprehensive analysis of the existing process and IT architecture in close cooperation with you. Our IT infrastructure specialists are thus always able to make sure that the technology being used in our solutions is the best available and suitable basis for your current and future requirements.

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