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As an Esri Bronze Partner, CONET is part of the EPN-Esri Partner Network. We offer geoinformation system consulting, implementation of ArcGIS solutions, data analysis and platform deployment both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Geoinformation systems and geospatial data need special attention and specific solutions. Processes and challenges with geospatial data already start when simple smartphone camera images contain a geographic position. Many such images can then be visualized on a map, which makes it possible to identify further patterns, such as clusters of particularly interesting locations. 

Objects are becoming increasingly interconnected: 

  • Vehicles communicate in the background; routing must be optimized in real time to reach destinations as efficiently as possible, which in the case of parking garages or gas/charging stations involves communication with the vehicles using appropriate technology. 
  • Smart transport bins and containers can be localized through IoT. Storage and transport processes can only be optimized using this additional geo-information, saving resources, time and money.
  • Specific areas (the marketplace, an entire city, or the catchment area of a river) can be mapped digitally. 

Whether within a digital twin or in the form of a site map, geodata play a central role in both scenarios. Esri itself lives the idea of Digital Twins and aims at going even further and connect many of the individual twins. The Connected Digital Twin is emerging.

CONET and ArcGis by Esri

This is where ArcGIS from Esri comes in. A variety of tools allow CONET's geospatial professionals to more quickly map data streams into platforms, enrich them with analytics from machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and finally make them available as an application, for example in the form of an app, web application, or VR visualization.

Interactive tools can thus provide optimal support for the planning process of specific projects

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