About NetIQ Access Manager

A mostly automated granting of access rights and single sign-on reduces the expenses for the central IT service and provides a seamless control and documentation as a basis for IT security and continuous compliance.

A central Identity Management for more IT security

Data losses and the consequences are not only since Wikileaks scandals or several customer data mishaps an important issue. Whenever enterprise-critical information leaves their own organizational area significant economical damage and enormous image-losses are underway – regardless, whether these damages have been brought about by external hacker-attacks or by deliberate or inadvertent access of one’s own employees.

With its products for access management and governance NetIQ offers suitable solutions to minimize the respective risks for data leakages and unauthorized access.

NetIQ Access Manager

  • Create a secure access control, which accelerates your business instead of hindering it – within your organization, with your partners or from your cloud!
  • Control all your accesses from one central point – using your existing authentification systems by being able to integrate them trouble-free with the NetIQ Access Manager.
  • Realize multi-site solutions in a quick and easy way which allows your employees for sharing data securely with trustworthy partners.
  • Establish comfortable access possibilities like single sign-on or a simple access rights administration for Microsoft SharePoint infrastructures for your employees’ and your IT-department’s advantage.

NetIQ Privileged User Manager (PUM)

  • Protect your supervisors’ and administrators’ privileged access further by enabling them to work in the systems without sensitive passwords becoming apparent/visible.
  • Inform yourself which data are accessed by your privileged users or whether there have been unauthorized access to sensitive data and take the necessary countermeasures supported by risk analysis tools.
  • Unbroken documentation about any access to sensitive data in UNIX, Linux and Microsoft architectures with reliable reports as a basis for comprehensive compliance, audits and revisions.

NetIQ SecureLogin (single sign-on)

  • Optimize the user authentification based on a comprehensive single sign-on concept for all leading enterprise applications from SAP via Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Outlook until Citrix, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise and many more.
  • Relieve your employees and your central IT service with a comprehensive protection from unauthorized access and the prevention of frequent password resets.
  • Fulfill the requirements of users who need extremely secure or mobile authentification methods, because SecureLogin supports most of the common authentification devices like SmartCards, passcards as well as token-based and biometrical devices.

CONET and the NetIQ Access Management

With its identity, security, access management and governance products NetIQ offers suitable solutions for the most different challenges like access control, user management, data security and compliance.

Through close partnerships with leading technology partners like Aveksa CONET targetedly extends the performance of individual products on the basis of long-standing project experience.

Data security, IT security and compliance - surely!

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