Citrix Virtual Desktops

With Citrix Virtual Desktops standardized client operating systems can be made available centrally – regardless of whether a terminal device or a virtual platform is going to be used in the data center.

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A key issue in any IT strategy is how to get applications to the user. CONET has the answer, because virtualization does not end with applications and servers.

The modern workstation is no longer kept beneath the user's desk, but is increasingly found in the computer center.

The centralized provision of desktops and client operating systems are therefore key aspects of any comprehensive virtualization strategy.

The advantages arising from this are manifold:

  • Centralized management
  • Increased security
  • Extended standardization
  • Significant cost reduction

The virtualization of client operating systems is much more than a short-lived trend – nowadays it is a valuable component of any sustainable IT strategy.

The provision of a standard workstation that can be individualized through centrally-available applications (streaming) and that can be reached from any terminal device, without having to forego USB devices or a personalized interface, is no longer a vision – it is a workable concept!

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