About Citrix Virtual Apps

Citrix Virtual Apps makes applications that run on the operating systems of Microsoft Windows servers available centrally and efficiently.

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Virtual Apps is the world's leading solution in the field of terminal servers and represents a professional expansion of Windows Terminal Services.

Even though Microsoft offers published applications as of Windows Server 2008, the added value of Virtual Apps can still be seen in terms of speed and management.

Operation of a wide range of end devices, uncomplicated central administration of server farms and the efficient ICA protocol are now as before among Virtual Apps unique selling points. With application streaming, an additional possibility has been created for using centralized applications offline as well. 

You, too, can benefit from the virtualization of applications!

Not only are complex requirements in the area of server-based computing not a problem for CONET, they are our daily business. CONET supports our customers from evaluation and conceptual design to implementation and migration to the operation of Virtual Apps environments – geared toward the individual requirements of the respective overall infrastructure as well as special fields of application.

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