Data Warehouse: The warehouse for your data

Data plays an important role for companies and is significantly responsible for business success. In almost all areas, data is collected from internal and external sources. But where should all this data be stored in order to be able to use it specifically as a basis for company-relevant information? With a data warehouse system, you can collect your company data centrally in a database separate from the operational system and organize it for the purpose of evaluation.

Advantages of a Data Warehouse

A large number of connectors are available for connecting the central database solution to a wide variety of data sources in order to either physically load or virtually connect data. Within this database, data is meaningfully organized, standardized, summarized and finally made available for output in reports. A data warehouse system offers you numerous advantages:

  • networks the data within your company
  • improves the quality of your data
  • saves time and reduces costs
  • ensures your competitiveness

    The goal of all these measures in data collection and data preparation is to support the company's internal information supply - from knowledge management to controlling - and thus strategic as well as operative decisions.

Data Warehousing with SAP

SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) and the SAP-HANA-Plattform combine an established data warehouse solution with a powerful in-memory database for analyzing large amounts of data in real time. In addition, SAP HANA offers its own environment for native development of a data warehouse via SQLScript, JavaScript and SAPUI5.

Figure: Data Warehouse Structure

The SAP Business Warehouse is built on the SAP HANA Platform.

The various SAP solutions are complemented by a wide range of front-end programs through which end users can access the consolidated data.

Data Warehousing with CONET

We support you with our know-how and expertise in turning your central database solution into tangible added value for your company. Place your trust in the experienced CONET data warehouse specialists:

  • Setup
  • Operation
  • Reorganization
  • Migration

 Depending on your needs, we also support you with the following services and solutions:

Project management

We use classic and agile project management methods to help you carry out your project. This includes planning, requirements analysis and implementation in all project steps.

System integration

We work with you to find the right solution for integrating the SAP Business Warehouse into your existing system landscape. Together we design efficient loading processes and ensure reliable communication between the systems.


Data modeling, ensuring data quality, report generation and business planning: we train your staff in the use of SAP BW and SAP HANA in order to make the full potential of the solutions available to you.

SAP Business Warehouse: Advantages

With SAP Business Warehouse, you get a solution that ensures your company's competitiveness.

New perspectives with SAP BW

Gain new insights from your business data! The numerous interfaces of SAP BW make it possible to supplement data from your internal operational systems with data from external sources and to aggregate this data. This makes developments, dependencies and direct comparisons visible. An architecture created individually by us for your use case forms the basis for this.

Image: SAP Business Information Warehouse

The SAP Business Warehouse offers numerous interfaces so that internal data can be supplemented by external data.

Support of user-friendly front-end tools

Analyze or plan the data prepared with SAP BW and SAP HANA in self-service via modern front-end tools. The technologies and formats used, such as SAPUI5, HTML5 or Excel, offer an appealing design and convenient access on the go or locally at the workplace. This increases acceptance among management and end users and at the same time lowers the inhibition threshold for using the applications. At the same time, the self-service approach relieves the IT department.

SAP BW as a central enterprise repository

Bild: Data Warehousing Front-End Tools

With SAP BW, you build a central corporate memory, a so-called corporate memory. This approach enables comparisons over long periods of time - even if the data has already been archived in operational systems. The corporate memory thus significantly improves the information content and meaningfulness of the analyses.

You can also use SAP HANA, merge the structured data from SAP BW with the unstructured data from a data lake - for example, from social media, web logs or sensors - and thus draw extended or even completely new conclusions for the further development of your business model

Simple and consistent data modeling

We work with you to create a future-proof data model that is aligned with your requirements. This organizes the data so that information can be output correctly in terms of content:

  • in accordance with internal and external compliance requirements
  • flexible and comprehensible
  • performant with the help of the SAP HANA in-memory database
  • storage- and cost-efficient
    The pre-structured content delivered by SAP accelerates and supports the modeling process.


SAP HANA for Big Data analyses in real time

SAP HANA makes it easy to analyze large volumes of data in real time. Decision-making processes can thus be accelerated significantly. In addition, text search and text analysis and the processing of geodata are available in the sense of comprehensive data intelligence. With SAP Predictive Analytics, forecasts can be made in a short time, hidden opportunities and risks can be identified and options for action can be developed from them.

Ways to SAP Business Warehouse

You have the following three options when faced with the challenge of implementing SAP Business Warehouse:

Greenfield approach

The greenfield approach is used by new SAP customers and existing SAP customers who are replacing their legacy systems or streamlining processes in the course of a restart and loading only relevant data.


System conversion is suitable for existing customers who want to migrate their current SAP BW to BW/4HANA. In-place conversion is the right opportunity to get rid of legacy data and avoids running systems in parallel. With remote conversion, the complete data flow including all data is transferred. Systems running in parallel reduce the risk of data loss.

Landscape Transformation

This method consolidates multiple systems with different master data and transforms them into a new system landscape.

Find out in the CONET blog what advantages SAP BW/4HANA offers as a data warehouse solution and how to perform a successful conversion in three steps.

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