Mobile Processes

Not every process will become a success story automatically – certain business processes develop their full potential by mobilization, for others mobility does not make sense at all.

Success Criteria for Mobile Processes:

  • Use – use – use: Mobile solutions shall facilitate, accelerate or render the user’s work more agreeable in order to be accepted.
  • Manageable complexity: The display and operating options for mobile end devices are limited in contrast to desktop applications. Therefore, mobile solutions should be kept simple.
  • Interaction instead of transaction: Instead of making information only retrievable on mobile devices, successful mobile solutions represent actual business processes.
  • Politically correct: Finally, the legal parameters for mobility have to be discussed and adapted in the enterprise, e. g. in form of adapted data protection concepts and reconciliations with the staff association.

Business process management and the optimization of business processes in the field of mobile solutions do not differ from traditional approaches of Business Process Management:

Here, too, processes need to be identified, to be prioritized, to be analysed and with the help of the known process models to be described.

Especially with regard to mobility, the working steps within the process shall be monitored in detail to extract the necessary information. With the answer to the question „How does the employee work and what does he need for this?“ a lean mobile application can be provided.

Which Processes are „Mobile Ready“?

A number of factors are to be considered in the evaluation whether the edited processes are suitable for mobility:

  • Internal usefulness for employee-oriented or internal processes
  • External usefulness for customer- or market-oriented processes
  • Implementation cost and possible synergies with other application fields
  • Technical realisability regarding integration and data connection
  • Process suitability and matureness for mobile display and operation

With the help of standardized checklists for these different aspects you can reliably and transparently control, whether the evaluated processes like in the sales department, quality management, HR or logistics can be processed faster and better with mobile apps or whether mobility is merely something ‘nice to have’ for more attractiveness as an employer. For certain and well established processes, CONET has already developed individual apps e. g. for mobile time registration and registration of travel expenses, identification of weeds in agriculture, facility management, quality tests and maintenance.

This forms the basis for dependable economical views and the strategic planning of the mobilization of your own business processes.

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