Mobile Infrastructure

Mobile infrastructure does not merely comprise mobile devices, but it also concerns all technical aspects of administration, security and provision of mobile solutions in general.

Components of Mobile Infrastructure

The following components can be operated in your own data center, in a cloud or in a hybrid infrastructure:

  • Basic systems and data sources (back-end) – providing the necessary data for mobile use.
  • Gateways (middle ware) – ensuring the communication, the secure data exchange between the source systems and the applications on the mobile devices and they form the central access point for the devices. Web-based apps and web solutions can provide the applications as well.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM Middleware) – These systems (among them MAM, MDM, MCM) help to control and administrate the accessing devices and the available applications. They also provide security, authentication, administration and monitoring. Mobility requires access to the company’s central IT infrastructure, special security mechanisms are required as well, in order to prevent unauthorized access to internal systems. Please refer to the following chapter to read more about EMM and its components.
  • Devices and user interfaces (front end) – Devices and interfaces used for processing tasks and entering data form the interface to the user. Thereby it is important that the user likes the handling of the application and is able to use it intuitively. It is essential not to leave the protection of the devices up to the end user, but to control security via the MDM and MAM systems. Furthermore, the applications and data on the device need to be protected, too, a factor which is mostly being overlooked in the case of individual developments.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

The comprehensive approach of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) aims to align all relevant infrastructural aspects from the physical equipment via suitable management tools until the necessary security measures. If this alignment is in accordance with the primary mobility strategy, the uncontrolled growth within development, introduction and operation of mobile solutions can be effectively prevented, an efficient management of the whole infrastructure can be achieved and simultaneously the data protection laws are observed and the complete IT system thus protected.

EMM components:

  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) – The MAM is concerned with all aspects of authentication, provision, administration, protection and monitoring of mobile applications. 
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – The MDM controls the administration of all mobile devices in use. Implementation, updates, security measures, monitoring and access control are central tasks.
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM)  – The MCM assists you with the provision of content on a mobile device. It determines which data shall be displayed and which actions are permitted.

Exemplary comprehensive EMM solutions:

  • Citrix XenMobile
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager with Windows Intune
  • Novell ZENworks Mobile Management
  • AirWatch by VMware


Special solutions in the SAP environment:

  • SAP Mobile Platform SMP (MAM)
  • SAP Afaria (MDM)
  • Mobile Iron (MDM)
  • SAP Mobile Documents (MCM)


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