User Experience

Good user experience increases user satisfaction and acceptance. It ensures efficient and effective use of the application and increases the quality of the results. CONET is your ideal partner for perfect user experiences.

The experience is the focus. Experiences inspire, experiences touch, experiences are remembered. Whether it's experiential travel, experiential gastronomy or experiential education - it's always about turning simple events or actions into tangible experiences. This also applies to workflows, contact points and software that inspire their agents, users and customers.

Here you will find out why good user experience (UX) is important, what advantages it offers and how CONET supports you in achieving optimal UX.

Turn usability - that is, the pure function and usability - into good user experience, and into an experience in itself!

With our individual service packages, it is up to you whether you set up your own UX project or integrate individual UX services as modules iton your software or architecture projects.

Why User Experience?

The topic of user experience is not new. The desire to improve user experience is as old as the concept of the user interface itself. However, due to the advancing digitalization and the accompanying triumph of smartphones, tablets and their apps, considerations of user-friendliness and efficiency in usage are more relevant than ever. If private bookings, orders and the display of weather and traffic data is so simple, the expectation in the business environment is just as relevant. In most cases, they are even more complex. This makes it particularly important to reduce this discrepancy.

Act now and create real added value and a unique selling point for your organization! Your customers and users will appreciate a completely new user experience – frustration-free, self-explanatory and engaging.

Ensure that the users of your services and offerings master the applications instead of being mastered by them. Make it fun to use – because enthusiastic employees are productive employees who accomplish their tasks more purposefully, faster and with higher quality. Enthusiastic customers and contacts are loyal fans and ambassadors of your brand, services and products.

User Experience by CONET

Support for your UX project from a single source Technology  & manufacturer independence
From strategy and analysis to conception, development, and testing – whether process consulting or architecture management: you work with a team from several departments offering a wide range of technical qualifications that provides you with optimal support in all strategic and operational tasks. The CONET UX team consists of experts from various technical and consulting areas of the CONET group. Regardless of whether it's Microsoft, SAP or Open Source, we ensure that you work in our projects with those techniques and tools that are goal-oriented for achieving your set tasks.
Design guidelines & design standards Measurability & goal achievement
CONET bases its UX services on best practices and applicable standards such as EN ISO 9241 – which is titled the standard for the ergonomics of human-system interaction in the German version. In this way, we ensure the functionality of your applications and systems as well as compliance with the applicable legal requirements together with you. CONET measures UX projects and UX solutions by means of quantitative goals such as reduced hotline calls, fewer operating errors, faster processing or fewer terminations of use. This not only provides you with qualified, but also quantifiable statements on the status of your UX and usability, as well as reliable values on budgets and expected and actual returns on investments (ROI).


UX as an Integral Part of Software Development

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During the agile development of digitized processes or new applications, for example using SCRUM or KanBan, consistent user orientation pays off twice over the course of the project.

In fundamental workshops with representatives of all stakeholders from the client to the user,  users' experiences and expectations are recorded and documented in addition to technical and functional requirements. Based on this, clickable mockups are created that already provide a real impression of the later solution. In many cases, this visualization already reveals vulnerable points, compares expectations and provides further optimization potential via user tests. Only on this basis does agile development begin, which proceeds in iterative phases of conception, development, validation, testing and optimization – always involving all relevant reference and user groups.


Your benefits of user experience consulting and UX design:

  • You incorporate a wide variety of perspectives from different stakeholders.
  • You recognize errors and/or poor user guidance at an early stage.
  • You avoid unnecessary rework and duplication of effort.
  • You protect yourself from unplanned project costs and long development times.
  • You increase user acceptance of the developed products.

Improved UX Through Re-Engineering and Re-Design

With our comprehensive service portfolio, we make your property management well-rounded

In the past, user experience often played no role in development, or usage and operating habits have changed fundamentally since the introduction. Processing takes an unnecessarily long time and the acceptance of the solution fades.

This is where UX-oriented re-engineering can breathe new life into processes and applications. Here, user tests and user observation are the focus, too. Based on defined test cases according to identified TopTasks/Tasks, typical test tasks are given to a test group of users from different areas. While the user expresses his thoughts aloud, the tester merely observes the user's handling of the application without providing assistance and subsequently documents his experiences.

On this basis, the need for optimization can be clearly and reliably identified and possible approaches for improvement can be consistently implemented.


Your benefits from user experience re-engineering and UX re-design:

  • You modernize existing applications visually and technically.
  • You increase the acceptance of processes and solutions.
  • You reduce the processing effort and improve the quality of the results.


We will be happy to discuss with you whether re-engineering existing applications is technically feasible and economical in individual cases, or whether a new development is worthwhile instead!

UX is More Than Usability

User Experience (UX) is more than the user interface (UI). UX encompasses the entire user experience, from connectivity to the backend, to the range of functions and speed, as well as aspects of security and flexibility, to the representation on the front end (the actual UI).

Therefore, there is also a whole range of topics and disciplines that are closely related to or interact with the topic of user experience:

Foto: Scahffen Sie individuelle Kundenerlebnisse

Customer Experience

With a positive customer experience (CX), you turn your customers into fans of your brand. You benefit from strong brand loyalty and a high recommendation rate. This requires the right strategy and digital solutions. Our consultants support you with individual workshops, requirements analyses and innovative software.

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Unsere Lösungen und produktneutrale Beratung bringen Ihre Prozesse auf Kurs!

Agile Software Development Solutions

Agile software development ensures a systematic collection of requirements, early visibility and acceptance of results, high software quality and thus, a reduction of project risks. CONET implements individual software solutions from professional applications until complex software architectures based on a broad technological know-how (Microsoft, Java, IBM, Open Source) and programming tools.

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User Experience and Accessibility

UX focuses on the user. Therefore, UX design at CONET means "design for all" or inclusive design.

To provide the best possible user experience for every user, regardless of situational or permanent limitations, we design and develop applications simply, clearly and consistently. Barriers that are insurmountable for some users are purposefully removed or avoided altogether to enable the usage of applications and to create a positive experience for every user.

In Germany, public agencies are now required by law to make their web and mobile application offerings and electronic administrative processes barrier-free. Furthermore, from 2025, accessibility requirements are to be applied to products and services of selected industries in the private sector, such as banking services, passenger transport services or even online retail.

UX Technologies

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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is more than just a mobility solution. As central user interface technology (UI) Fiori is the core of the SAP interface strategy.

Microsoft Business Applications

Countless processes run in companies every day - a large part of them still in paper form. With Business Applications, Microsoft offers a suite of intelligent applications with which you can digitize and manage your business processes. You benefit from lean, efficient and sustainable processes. The CONET experts design your process-driven business solution with Power Platform and Dynamics 365 in a flexible and future-proof way. CONET is your reliable consultant and partner with many years of expertise. We help you with the transformation of your processes.

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SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience

SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience (SAP CX) is a suite consisting of five cloud solutions for end-to-end management of the customer experience. From front to back office, they realize a unified view of the customer and replace any isolated solutions of previous CRM systems.

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