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Does a blockchain label really always mean that you deal with a real blockchain solution? And do blockchain solutions solve every problem of the 21st century and does everything run faster and better with it? Don't fall for the hype, but find viable solutions with the help of CONET's blockchain professionals!

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CONET offers a neutral view on a completely non-neutral topic: blockchain. In the professional community, more industry journals from logistics and healthcare to finance are currently writing about blockchain than the classic IT media do. Also in public media, a new blockchain headline follows the previous one almost immediately.

Meanwhile, more and more companies are already in the process of testing (proof-of-concept, PoC) and initial applications to use the blockchain to their competitive advantage.

But there are many solutions which have nothing to do with real blockchain technology at all, even if the labels say they do. And not all applications automatically benefit from a blockchain.

Therefore, it takes a relaxed, experienced look at the application, business process, or requirement that needs to be met. Only then will you know if the blockchain, a smart contract solution (blockchain 2.0) or a consortial blockchain, whether a proof of work or a proof of stake is the tool of choice.

For more than thirty years, CONET has been providing its customers with reliable and successful support through business transformation and IT challenges. We develop and operate IT solutions for well-known companies and authorities. We are not driven by trends - we find the solutions behind the hype and drive digital transformation.

With the necessary coolness and the required expertise, we offer you blockchain "consulting", "construction" and "conducting".

Listening - thinking ahead - comparing traditional software solutions with blockchain approaches - analyzing the compliance of blockchain applications - creating concepts and designing roadmaps

Software consulting - detailed concepts and design - development of a proof of concept - development of applications - project management

Deployment of development and runtime environments - platform as a service - support for your blockchain infrastructure

Do not leave the field to your competition. Join us in identifying the fitting solutions to master your digital future with or without blockchain technology, depending on your requirements.

Blockchain – easily explained

You probably already heard that the blockchain principle offers a special level of security and trustworthiness, because of a distributed chain of blocks to which new ones are added one by one - each containing a timestamp, specific (transaction) data and a cryptographic hash of the previous block to verify the authenticity of the entire chain.

But if you need an expert for your next strategy meeting who simply and intelligibly explains the definition of blockchain and the advantages and disadvantages of a blockchain solution, then make an appointment with our consultants today. Learn what the blockchain is, what it can do and what it is not.

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