Enhanced Interconnectivity for TETRA & LTE

The CONET UCRS TetraLTE-Gateway is a module of CONET Unified Communications Radio Suite (UCRS) and offers a unique way of independent cross-platform TETRA/LTE communications for the most relevant TETRA platforms such as Motorola, Airbus, Rohill*, Damm*, Hytera* and others, providing just a single well defined internal interface for signaling and another single interface for voice data.

The CONET UCRS TetraLTE-Gateway (C-TLG) enables direct communications between all standard TETRA platforms and LTE integration to facilitate cross-platform communications for TETRA, 4G voice and data. It allows voice communications and data transfer across all TETRA platforms without any vendor-specific limitations and boundaries. LTE network connection is also part of the UCRS module.

Platform independent TETRA calls and common talk groups as well as SDS can be mixed across the various TETRA platforms, so that the functionalitiy of all these platforms can be easily combined. This enables multi-vendor strategies for TETRA providers in public and private TETRA networks. The software-based module offers unlimited scaling of users and talk groups up to countrywide communication systems. Furthermore, the C-TLG module provides manufacturer independent as well as customer-specific dispatcher consoles, thus facilitating easy dispatching and focusing on the most important dispatching processes.

Functionality Chart:

Functionality of CONET Tetra-LTE-Gateway

Media gateways for transmitting voice and other traffic between PSTN, cell phones and TETRA end devices are another major requirement in critical communications. But depending on the manufacturer of the TETRA infrastructure, the protocols and interfaces included differ significantly, making them incompatible.

In developing the C-TLG module for UCRS, CONET followed the principle of providing a single TETRA gateway which terminates the manufacturers’ proprietary interfaces (voice and data/signaling) of the leading TETRA infrastructure vendors like Motorola, Airbus, Rohill*, Damm* and Hytera*, consolidating these interfaces in just a single well defined internal interface for signaling and another single interface for voice data based on open standards like SIP and RTP.

The flexible and modular CONET UCRS TetraLTE-Gateway is capable to handle all the different manufacturers’ standards. To control communication across the TETRA infrastructures, signaling between the connecting systems has been realized. With this signaling it is possible to manage virtual talk groups, individual calls and short data services (SDS) between different TETRA platforms and to combine it with LTE.

Feature Overview:

The following TETRA functions are available via the C-TLG module:

  • Individual calls (telephony and PTT)
  • Group calls
  • Group management
  • Short data service / SDS including GeoData
  • Broad-/Multicast
  • Command and event interface
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Support for several scalability and redundancy concepts
  • Emergency call handling
  • Management of cryptographic resources (optional)
  • Higher flexibility and extended functionality compared to the ISI standard
  • Several TETRA manufacturers, one interface and functionality  for connectivity between: Airbus, Motorola, Damm*, Hytera*, Rohill* and PEI

*under development

Additional Integration Options

To integrate all other communication systems like P25, DMR, VoIP, VHF/UHF radio and video, the CONET UCRS TetraLTE-Gateway has been developed as an integral module of the CONET UC Radio Suite.

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