UCRS Unified API

With the UCRS Unified API, CONET offers a powerful and fully documented application programming interface (API) function to enable a platform independent interconnection between 3rd party communication platforms and customer applications.

Illustration: CONET UC Radio Suite as the centerpiece of control room communications

The API facilitates a direct connection between different vendor technologies and communication architectures, opening up a wide range of technical options and use cases to connect proprietary technologies and solutions with each other.

Individually or as part of the CONET UC Radio Suite, the Unified API provides a comprehensive platform of technology services and protocols to achieve far-reaching independency from existing proprietary 3rd party technologies and solutions (e.g. TETRA functionality by different manufacturers and providers).

As it is completely based on standard protocols only, the CONET UCRS Unified API guarantees a high level of flexibility and fast integration. The existing services may easily be enhanced with added customer-specific functionality for individual needs as well as connections to additional customer solutions and manufacturers.

If you’d like to find out more about possible use cases or the individual customizing options of the CONET UCRS Unified API, we are looking forward to your questions.

The following slide illustrates the core functionality of the CONET UCRS Unified API:

CONET UC Radio Suite - Lösungsschema der CONET Unified API

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