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Optimized customer contact, improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency in service center, call center and contact center alike demand controlling options and infrastructures that standardized solutions often cannot provide in full measure.

Especially customer care centers of financial institutions, retail and commerce need powerful, integrated communications tools in order to offer an excellent customer experience. With their Contact Center Solutions and the CONET UCC Suite, CONET offers comprehensive consulting, development, implementation and special supplementary solutions for leading service center technology like Cisco.

Customized Contact Center Solutions by CONET Will Enable You to:

  • Pool all communication channels from phone and fax to e-mail, voicemail and video one a single IP communication platform without media discontinuities
  • Evaluate information centrally, advance your reporting and process all contacts in a reliable, service-level-oriented way, improving your quality of service significantly
  • Unify, optimize and integrate all existing business applications like SAP, processes and IT infrastructures via application integration and CTI
  • Protect your investments, secure sustainable solutions, increase value and reduce costs for operation and maintenance

Full Service for Your Call Center and Customer Contact Architecture

Together with your communications and process specialists we develop fitting concepts for your call center and customer contact, define strategic objectives and will demonstrate from the onset of our projects which functionality you will benefit from in the implemented solutions.

After successful implementation, we train your staff in the use of the new technological and process solutions, support you in regular operation and provide you with extensive hosting and managed service models as well as 24/7 service, so that your call center and contact center architectures are capable of coping with all your customers' and employees' demands towards efficiency, availability and usability.

Integration of Contact Center and Control Room Communication

In view of the ever more intensive networking between different means of communication and communication architectures, a seamless integration between control rooms and traditional contact center solutions is becoming increasingly important.

When it comes to accepting emergency calls via emergency call systems as well as a central hotline and coordinating alarms and deployments, direct coupling and centralized operation of the corresponding systems in a single interface avoids media disruptions and saves valuable time. Read more on why the CONET UCRS is the perfect platform for such an integration on our CONET Unified Communications Radio Suite pages.

The Value-adding Modules of the CONET UCC Suite

The answering and processing of inbound and outbound queries via a diverse mix of channels like phone, e-mail, chat, video or social media leads to a significantly higher complexity in workflows, reporting and desktop integration. The demands towards the IT show a wide variety: from a communications infrastructure which maps, depicts and supports all business processes concisely up to flexible but nevertheless fast and effective control and reporting options.

With the CONET UCC Suite, we offer specially developed added-value solutions for these and other contact center demands. The modules work completely platform-independent and can therefore be easily used with most diverse contact center infrastructures like the Cisco UCC, enhancing the competitiveness of these standard contact center platforms in areas in which they do support the needed functionality not at all or at least not sufficiently. Due to their power, scope, modularity and scalability, its modules make the UCC Suite unique in the field of contact center solutions and customer collaboration.


The CONET UCC Suite Modules in detail:

Logo: UCC Suite Wallboard

CONET Wallboard
The CONET Wallboard shows all key figures relevant for the best possible service in the contact center in a concise overview. The display can be customized flexibly to individual requirements regarding content as well as layout and may also be fully adapted to the respective corporate design. With the CONET Wallboard the contact center management obtains an important component for an effective control, reliable identification and fast assessment of unexpected developments and appropriate measures.


Logo: UCC Suite Control Tool

CONET Control Tool
The CONET Control Tool is perfectly adapted to the needs of large contact center installations and helps the supervisors and administrators to fulfill their duties within the contact center management more efficiently. The CONET Control Tool most clearly shows its advantages in the field of the automated control of pre-recorded announcements. Planned marketing and service announcements can be just as easily implemented as short-notice emergency announcements or ad-hoc messages. Office hours, holidays or absences can be centrally maintained and adapted if necessary. A multifunctional rights concept and the easy separation of multiple clients add to an increased reliability and flexibility for the administration in real-time.


Logo: CONET UCC Suite Message Controller

CONET Message Controller
The CONET Message Controller is an additional solution for all common „text-before-answering“-functions within contact center installations. It provides a quick installation of a multitude of individual text announcements and voice menus as well as a simple control according to specified criteria or flexibly via manual intervention. The caller will always get appropriate announcements which provide him with a real additional value. Instead of experiencing frustration in waiting loops or at hearing the “occupied”-signal, the caller satisfaction can be increased significantly with this telephone service. Technically, the „text-before-answering“-script can be installed directly on the router without any additional hardware.


Logo: UCC Suite Group Monitor

CONET Group Monitor
Not only is the availability of an entire team essential for the handling of incoming requests. The allocation of individual agents to different groups with their own special tasks and service areas is just as important for the efficient processing of incoming requests. The CONET Group Monitor provides the contact center manager with a comprehensive overview over the current tasks of individual agents and defined skill groups. Additionally, it shows the current status (free, occupied / talking, post-processing) for each member. The manager and supervisors are thus enabled to assess the current work load of his teams objectively and to allocate resources optimally.


The sub-modules of the CONET Group Monitor

Service Level Monitor

CONET Service Level Monitor
For any contact center management, the availability of employees and with it the contactability of incoming requests plays a major role. Availability therefore constitutes one of the key figures in respects of internal efficiency and customer service. Without adequate means for the controlling and evaluation of the availability, effective management is not possible. The CONET Service Level Monitor answers this challenge: The module gives you direct access to the current status and numerous statistics regarding the availability of your agents. On the basis of this information, the contact center management is able to get a reliable estimate of the current service level in order to take the appropriate steps for optimizations.


ReSkilling Service

CONET ReSkilling Service
In modern contact centers it is essential to react fast and flexibly in case of changing requirements. If a group is overburdened with a particular type of requests, while another group only has occasional incoming calls, the shift of agents between groups is indispensable. The CONET ReSkilling Service enables each single agent to dial into other groups if requested by his team leader and to dial off if the conditions change again. Thus, the agents can control workload peaks themselves in a flexible way without additional configurations by an administrator and can thus play an active role in increasing the overall efficiency and service quality.


History Service

CONET History Service
Reliable statements regarding the performance and service quality of a contact center can only be deducted on the basis of a transparent and comprehensive overview of the work of the center and its agents. Therefore, the contact center management needs a fast and easy access to these data. The CONET History Service provides such a full overview over the performance and service quality of a contact center over time. With a simple mouse click, the tool presents the contact center management with complete data about which agents or groups spoke with which customers when and how long about which topics. Process optimization and adjustments in the employee scheduling can be implemented on a solid data basis and thus will lead to effective improvements.


Queue Control

QueueControl Service
Would you like to be able to control companywide or site-specific recorded phone messages without having to set up a costly call center? The CONET QueueControl Service, based on the Cisco Unity Express System,  offers special services for news and greeting messages to help improve customer service and to expand communications possibilities for employees.


Queue Monitor

QueueMonitor Service
The CONET QueueMonitor Service displays information on callers waiting in the cue together with details on how long the callers are already waiting in line on pre-defined agent phones. The agent is thus given the opportunity to actively change the order of callers or decide to accept the calls and to use this real-time information on cue and callers to easily set in motion the respective actions to increase availability.

CONET Technology Partners for Contact Center Solutions


If you need a large-scale, distributed network solution to deal with your challenges in customer collaboration, Cisco technology is the way to go. For more than ten years, CONET – currently certified Cisco Premier Partner – has constantly been extending its integration and development competencies in powerful supplementary solutions for Cisco architectures. The specialty certification for Collaboration Architecture, especially for Cisco UCCE and UCCX and combined with the long-standing Technology Developer Partnership, guarantees early and comprehensive experience with the most up-to-date tools like Cisco Finesse and forms a firm basis for targeted consulting and value-adding solutions provided by CONET.

"The new contact center solution that we developed together with CONET has optimized the accessibility of our 60 call center agents. This means the waiting time for our customers has been reduced significantly. Furthermore, the managers of our customer support centers are now able to access needed reports in the central reporting system anytime and from anywhere." The Following Companies Use Contact Center Solutions of CONET for Finance, Retail, Commerce and Other Industries


The Media-Saturn Group of companies unites Media Markt und Saturn, Europe‘s leading electronics retailers. In the course of upgrading the group’s telecommunications to voice over IP (VoIP) based on Cisco technology, Media-Saturn was on the lookout for a modern, sustainable call and contact center solution for the companies’ customer service. CONET implemented the respective IP-based Cisco contact center solution.

INFOnline GmbH was planning to extend its customer services and therefore decided to upgrade its communications to voice over IP (VoIP) based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.0 (UCME). The new solution offers fax, voicemail and interactive voice response (IVR) functionality as well as basic reporting options on incoming calls. For the realization INFOnline contracted CONET.

ResMed is a global leader in manufacturing medical respirators, specializing on products for diagnosis and therapy of sleep-related breathing disorders as well as invasive and non-invasive ventilation. ResMed emphasizes exceptional service and professional consulting of doctors, medical staff, hospitals, health insurances and patients alike. In order to be able to increase customer and patient service significantly, ResMed was looking for a fitting voice over IP (VoIP) solution and contracted CONET for designing and implementing a Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE).

CONET Competence Centers for Contact Center Solutions

Hennef: CONET Communications GmbH has been offering its customers from the areas of defense & public security, the public sector as well as industry and commerce successful IT solutions, consulting and services from design and development to realization, implementation, integration and training since 1987.

Vienna: CONET Communications GmbH offers comprehensive solutions for powerful communications technology and efficient processes in contact, call and service centers, IP telephony, control center solutions and communications infrastructures, especially for our CONET customers in Austria and the neighboring countries in south-eastern Europe.

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